Sep 11

Be Kind to your Body with Kind Natured

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Before your tan fades and you dive into those winter woollies make sure to pamper your body with Kind Natured nourishing body lotions. Free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals Kind Natured’s hair and body products are 97% natural – and they smell delicious too.

Slough off that dry, flaky skin with Coconut and Monoi Foaming Sugar Scrub and follow with lashings of deeply nourishing Shea and Macadamia Body Lotion.

Natural sugar crystals blend with coconut, shea and minoi to create a sumptuous foaming sugar scrub that is free from microbeads. It smells of  golden summers on the beach and is gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Follow up with Shea and Macadmia body lotion to nourish and protect very dry skin. The rich lotion helps skin regain suppleness and smoothness, so lather it on and let your skin drink it in.

It’s a shame to cover that beautiful skin in sweaters really.

Tested on people not on animals, all products are reasonably priced – £4.99 for the body lotion and £5.99 for the Foaming scrub. Available at Boots and free delivery on orders over £10 direct from www.kindnatured.com