Sep 11

Book Review of: Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah S Dawson:

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Review by Chris Donaldson.

Interspersed between the canon of Star Wars films most of us know, is another body of work – mostly books but a couple of animated tv series also – that expand the universe.  They flesh out minor characters and add back story to various events that are briefly alluded to in the films.  These works are fodder for the fanboys and girls and possibly ignored by the rest of us who don’t crave that much depth.


The latest is now with us, and Delilah S Dawson’s Star Wars : Phasma deals with the origin story of the eponymous Captain Phasma, a female officer of the first order (bad guys), briefly introduced in ‘The force awakens’ and apparently to be given a bigger role in the forthcoming ‘The last Jedi’.  In the films she is portrayed – behind a chrome mask- by Gwendoline Christie.


Like all things Star Wars this moves at a cracking pace, it’s immediacy heightened by the use of third person present tense, which keeps us in the heart of the action throughout the opening, and switches to past tense during the flashback chapters that introduce us to a young Phasma.  These chapters are the recollections of Vi Moradi, a captured resistance spy (good guys) held on board the ‘Absolution’ a first order Star destroyer ( Resurgent class don’t ya know…) as she is tortured by a mysterious crimson armoured Stormtrooper who, with a secret agenda of his own, is obsessed by Phasma.


Their battle of wills is the catalyst for the exposition and most of the drama, and their relationship has a well structured development with some surprise twists and turns, further than that I won’t spoil…


The writing is economical throughout, and I think it’s fair to say, well serves the universe it inhabits.  Do you need to read it to enjoy/endure the films? No.  If you’re a big fan already is it worth a read? Well yes (and you bought the hardback on September 1st and read it the same day).  Dawson knows and has obvious affection for this universe, and if you want some competent backstory to your favourite Space farm boys, droids et al, you should give it a look, either on Ebook, or the heftily priced hardback (20 of your earth pounds thank you).


Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah S Dawson. Published by Century on 1st Sept 2017.  Price £20.00. Ebook available

Christopher Donaldson is the award winning author of Not a Girl.