Sep 15

What’s More Popular for Online Gaming Laptops, Desktops, Tablets or Smartphones?

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Video games have never been in a stronger place than they are in 2017, with the estimated market value of the industry sitting at around $108 billion dollars. Of this staggering figure, mobile gaming takes a huge percentage, valued at around $35.3bn, consoles following closely at $33.5bn and PC gaming, often considered by many gaming elitists to be the better platform, coming in last at $29.4bn, down 2.6% since the previous year.

What’s considered best will always come down to personal preference, but in the last decade mobile gaming, and mobile technology in general has seen a colossal, almost unbelievable rise in popularity. Although it really comes as no surprise, as of 2014 the number of mobile phones on planet earth surpassed the number of human beings, with roughly 7.22 billion handsets being in circulation. In history, no product, device or trend has proved as popular, especially as it’s only been in production for less than fifty years. Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm in a way that neither PC nor Console ever could. Casual players across all genders and age ranges can now enjoy their favorite puzzles, platformers or beat ‘em ups at the tips of their fingers. Not only is convenience a huge factor, but accessibility also makes a huge difference, as most people have smart phones with access to an App Store. The average apps are incredibly good value, with the majority of the market under $5 or even free, meaning anyone on any pay scale can take part, where as many AAA console games can reach prices up to $70 simply for standard editions. That’s before taking limited editions, collectors’ items and day one versions into account. Another huge factor in mobile gaming’s favor is the ever increasing graphic and performance capability. Let’s take a look at Apples flagship product, the ever infamous and often controversial iPhone.

  • 2007 – iPhone: 32-bit 412 MHz Samsung ARM processor, 128MB of RAM, 4GB or 8GB storage
  • 2016 – iPhone 7: A10 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB/128GB/256GB storage

Just to put that into perspective, when the original iPhone arrived in 2007, it had 93.75% less processing power than the 2016 model, released less than a decade later. Its largest available storage capacity, was 32x smaller than the iPhone 7, showing you just how far mobile technology has come.

Despite being costly, consoles are still a huge part of many peoples day to day life, with Sony’s Playstation 4 selling 63.3 million units and Microsoft’s Xbox One selling around 30 million units. Sony’s Playstation 2, released in 2000 is the world’s highest selling console, shifting upwards of 155 million units in less than a decade and a half. Sony & Microsoft have led the console world for over a decade now, with Japanese company Nintendo following closely behind, with a global value of $32.8 Billion.

The argument that PC is better than all has raged since the earliest days of video games, but how much of this is really true? The PC will always be the most powerful platform for gamers to play on, improving their gaming experience (especially online) dramatically. PC is also the exclusive home of the platform Steam, the digital distribution platform (store) that allows players to buy digital versions of games. As of 2015, it had 125 million users, and accounted for 15% of the total PC game sales that year. According to an industry report by Spil Games, an estimated 1.2 billion players are gaming across the globe, with roughly 700 million of those playing online games. That’s an estimated 44% of the entire online population, proving just how popular the world of video games truly is.

Article provided courtesy of games.paddypower.com