Oct 11

Getting a Christmas gift list organised? A couple of great ideas…   by Milly Adams

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The Flamingo Neon Light

Tested on a ten year old and a world weary ‘seen it all’ teen both of whom totally loved this neon pink flamingo light, calling it really cool.  Actually it is huge fun and I wouldn’t mind it myself. Life is so serious right now, that something to lift the spirits is a great boon. It’s simplicity itself.  Just plug it in and switch it on to share your room with this pink wading bird in all its glory. It looks really cool, as Sara said, definitely adding to the atmosphere of any room you put it in. From the crossed legs and the twist in the tail, right up to the tinge of blue in its beak, this vibrantly coloured flamingo light is just what you need to bring home a little bit of tropical fun. Loved it.

The Flamingo Neon Light glows bright pink, and is main powered. It is, of course, tested to eu standards.

Also available in Unicorn, Cocktail, Pineapple and Rainbow and Cloud.


The Wall Racer

And here it is, the broom broom present for boys and girls of ALL ages. Childen, keep it away from Grandpa, and I reckon Grandma will want to get her hands on it too.

The Wall Racer is a remote controlled car with such a powerful suction that it can drive up walls and across ceilings. Huge fun, especially when others are nodding off, after plentiful wine and pudding, and think they’re seeing things.

£20.00 tested to eu standards.


Available from: www.hawkin.com


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