Oct 31

Shake and Match Shape Sorter from Hape Review

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Frost loves this colourful and fun shape sorter. Children will learn shapes as well as colours as they have fun. The shape sorter is wooden and well made. The shapes also double as rattles which give a great sound. The design is brilliant without any fuss. Unlike other shape sorters we have reviewed it is also tough and sturdy. So it will not just break after a few uses. A wonderful toy. Frost recommends.

The Shake and Match Shape Sorter from Hape is not just your average shape sorter. Inspiring building in a whole new, way each block has its very own unique sound. Doubling as a rattle, allow your little one to create their own distinct sound as they sort the shapes or just shake a block and ask your child to imitate the sounds you made with his or her own block. It’s the perfect way to allow the relationship between parent and child to blossom.

Each side of the wooden hexagon has fun to be had, watch them overcome the challenge of finding the correct slot to complete the sorter. Discovering new sounds, shapes and colours along the way with this multifunctional toy.

Thoughtfully designed to the highest of safety and quality standards, parents have peace of mind that they can trust in Hape. With a commitment to sustainability, Hape use only eco-friendly materials and water based paints to produce their much-loved and well respected toys.

The Hape Shake and Match Shape Sorter is available at Debenhams.com for £12.00 and is guaranteed to provide your little one with plenty of fun whilst developing a variety of vital skills needed for the years ahead, from hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity & shape and colour recognition.

The beautiful wooden design and enchanting pattern we’re so used to seeing from Hape is once again carried throughout the Shake and Match Shape Sorter good for both the child and the environment, Hape set themselves apart from others by the sturdy construction making it perfect for the rough and tumble of child’s play. While the use of bright bold colours are ideal for developing any little one’s shape and colour recognition, also helping hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity, whilst bringing joy to any young one 12M +.