Nov 23

After the Snow By Susannah Constantine Book Review

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We all know Susannah Constantine from her Trinny and Susannah days when she told women what to wear. The careers of the two fashionable women went stratospheric. They both became very successful indeed. When After The Snow reached Frost HQ I was immediately grabbed by the cover. It is beautiful and really encapsulates the book. But a book cannot be judged by its cover alone. Is it any good? Yes and yes again. Susannah Constantine is a writer of great talent. Everything from the story, to the characters, to the observations are just pitch perfect. I loved this novel. It was just superb. I really could not put it down. It was also a window into a world that most people do not get to see. I highly recommend this book. It does not disappoint.

Christmas morning, 1969.

All eleven-year-old Esme Munroe wants for Christmas is for her mother to be on one of her ‘good’ days – and, secretly, for a velvet riding hat. So when she finds an assortment of wet towels and dirty plates in her stocking, she’s just relieved Father Christmas remembered to stop at The Lodge this year.

But later that day Esme’s mother disappears in the heavy snow. Even more mysteriously, only the Earl of Culcairn seems to know where she might have gone. Torn between protecting her mother and uncovering the secrets tumbling out of Culcairn Castle’s ornate closets, Esme realises that life will never be the same again after the snow…

Susannah Constantine provides a rare glimpse into the secret lives of the scandalous upper classes. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and The Crown

After the Snow By Susannah Constantine is available here.