Nov 24

Flic Smart Button Review

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Frost has reviewed this cute little smart button. It has a variety of uses. We hooked it up to our Spotify so it could control the music. It is very smart indeed and very handy. It is easy to set up. Makes a great present, for Christmas or beyond.


Flic smart button

Available at flic.io or amazon.co.uk | RRP £29.99

Flic, the world’s first ‘do anything’ smart button is the ultimate tech accessory for the that brings simplicity into the smart home. This simple stand-alone button acts as a shortcut for your favourite smartphone apps, including Domino’s Pizza, Uber or Spotify with endless possibilities to use.

Flic buttons can be used to:

  • Turn smart light switches on or off, set a mood colour or dim
  • Connect through the Flic Hub to SONOS, Samsung Multiroom, Bose Sountouch or Spotify to control music from anywhere
  • Act as a doorbell, open and close blinds or control heating
  • Order pizza, Uber or services like cleaning or in-home pampering

In fact, if there’s an app for it, chances are you can access it with a Flic button, so uses and combinations of uses are almost endless.