Nov 30

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly By Johanna Basford | Frost Loves

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This colouring book is just stunningly beautiful.The illustrations are sublime and we love the story too. Charming and wonderful. Frost Loves. 

Bring your own colour to the story

From colouring book queen Johanna Basford, a lavishly illustrated fable about a girl named Ivy who stumbles upon a secret door leading to the magical world of Enchantia.

A charming story that interacts playfully with beautiful, colourable artwork in Johanna’s signature style, Ivy and the Inky Butterfly is a one-of-a-kind adventure for the whole family and readers of all ages to customise, colour and cherish.

Johanna has picked a crisp ivory paper that accentuates and compliments your chosen colour palette. The smooth, untextured pages allows for beautiful blending or gradient techniques with coloured pencils, or are perfect for pens, allowing the nib to glide evenly over the surface without feathering.

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly By Johanna Basford is available here.