Nov 23

Transhumanism – The End of Perception By author and conspiracy researcher David Icke

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Mind control is everywhere, but we call it something else – the TV news, political speeches, advertising, PR, education, science, journalism and religion. The list is endless.

Mind control sounds far-out and sci-fi, but all it really means is the control of perception. Control a person’s perception and you control their life. Control collective perception and you control the world. Perception is all. Our perceptions dictate the entirety of what we think, say, and do.

How many form their own perceptions by direct research, compared with those who download them from external sources? The answer, if the truth be told, is comparatively few. These sources peddle agendas which manipulate the human mind, and so human behaviour.

Mass mind control – perception control – is real, and can be confirmed in generation after generation who believed in the reality of so much which was later shown to be blatant nonsense. Most people believe only what they are told to believe.

This has always been so since the few seized control of mass communication. It began with religious zealots and now it’s the global media and internet corporations. As Morpheus might have said in The Matrix: ‘Are those your thoughts you’re thinking now?’

This is bad enough, but we stand at the cusp of something far worse: the end of human perception itself – the end of the human mind. Does this sound extraordinary? Yes, of course it does. But it’s also true.

As smartphone leads to tablet to Bluetooth, smartwatch and microchips (holdables, wearables and implantables) the stated goal of the Devil’s Playground, or Silicon Valley, is to connect the brain to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will then hijack and override human thought.

There is no attempt to hide this any longer. Witness Google executive and PR man for Frankenstein, Ray Kurzweil, and his contention that humans will have ‘cloud-powered brains’ by 2030:

“Our thinking … will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking … humans will be able to extend their limitations and “think in the cloud” … We’re 

going to put gateways to the cloud in our brains … We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves … In my view, that’s the nature of being human – we transcend our limitations.

“As the technology becomes vastly superior to what we are then the small proportion that is still human gets smaller and smaller and smaller until it’s just utterly negligible.”

Put another way – it’s the end of humanity in any form worthy of the name. The AI manipulators are open about this now because we are told to believe – perceive – that literally losing our minds will make us ‘super-human’. In fact, it will make us sub-human.

‘Our’ perceptions would be only what AI tells us they are, and thus I say we are facing the end of human perception and the dawn of AI perception.

They who control AI would then control every human thought and emotional response. If I asked you who or what does control AI, the reply would be silence. We see the bag-carriers for this nightmare scenario, but who in the shadows are the real architects? Anyone know? Anyone even asked?

We are – again literally – giving our minds away and calling it ‘technological progress’. We are sleepwalking into perceptual oblivion and calling it ‘evolution’.

So who does control AI? The answer will blow your mind – while you still have one.

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