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  2. Last Chance for Fiz in Soho… — August 7, 2017
  3. The Ultimate Supper Club with Danilo Cortellini — July 27, 2017
  4. graze Protein Bites – The Perfect Afternoon Snack — July 19, 2017
  5. Take a Gastronomic Tour of Italy this week with Danilo Cortellini — July 10, 2017

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Oct 16

Juice Burst is a Hit With Schools

With so many healthy juices cropping up on our supermarket shelves daily, it’s hard to know what to actually go for. With many brands boasting their products are “100% natural” or “made from 100% fruit”, it’s difficult to know whether that means that they are actually healthy for us with many of these products largely …

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Aug 07

Last Chance for Fiz in Soho…

  We all dread the toll of the bell when “Last Orders” are up, but we’re here to give you plenty of notice to try out Fizbar in Soho for one last time before they close there doors this Saturday. London’s first sparkling wine bar opened it’s doors 9 weeks ago for a 10 week …

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Jul 27

The Ultimate Supper Club with Danilo Cortellini

If you’re going to spend the evening dining at a strangers house, you’re going to want to make sure it’s going to be memorable for the right reasons. When looking for a supper club it can be hard to know which one is going to be to your liking, so make sure you start at the …

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Jul 19

graze Protein Bites – The Perfect Afternoon Snack

graze have been the leaders in healthy and tasty snacking for some time now and their latest offering is possibly my favourite graze snack to date. With a focus on nutritional quality and value, graze are known for making snacks which are quirky and appealing as well as being nutritious and healthy and their new Protein Bites …

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Jul 10

Take a Gastronomic Tour of Italy this week with Danilo Cortellini

The London Foodie Supper Club hosts an extraordinary and glorious tour around Italy this week and he wants you all to join him. For four days only, beginning on the 12th July, guests will be able to immerse themselves in 10 exquisite courses prepared by Danilo Cortellini, Head Chef of the Italian Embassy in London. …

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Jul 02

Bellavita Showcase the Best of Italy in London

Bellavita are set on bringing the best of Italian food and drink across the globe. Being the ambassadors of Italian Excellence, their expo is designed for traders to try out their best exports and see if they fit into the UK market. We went to their annual expo held in London to see what is …

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Jun 28

Treat yo self with Candice Brown’s Baileys Cocktail Inspiration

Winner of The Great British Bake Off is winning hearts yet again by teaming up with Baileys and Grind café’s to create a showstopping Baileys Iced Coffee Cocktail. Baileys, famous for their indulgent and downright delicious cocktail serves, remember the Baileys Freakshake, this year have enrolled the help of star baker Candice Brown to come up …

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Jun 26

Bean & Wheat by Adam Handling Launching Today

Opening just around the corner from his successful restaurant The Frog E1, Adam Handling is currently making his mark all over The City with his latest venture Bean & Wheat opening just round the corner in Liverpool Street. Bean & Wheat will be a more casual affair serving coffee roasted in London and breakfast and …

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