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Name: Wendy Thomson
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  3. Wendy's baby diary – Six months! – Guilt, isolation and men — October 6, 2011
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Nov 27

Wendy's baby diary – 7 months

Time to cut off the milk supply? Signs indicating it’s time to stop breastfeeding: 1) Baby’s got more teeth than you’ve got nipples 2) Baby tugs down your top 3) Baby tries to suck other parts of you, in the belief that mummy is made of milk 4) Friends and relatives say ‘You’re not still …

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Oct 31

Wendy's baby diary – cheeky monkey

Baby Diary – 31 weeks Ill I started out with the intention to keep this baby column weekly but it’s been nearly a month since my last baby update. There are a couple of reasons and one is that Dillon has been ill. He got an infected toe (we’re not sure how) and needed antibiotics …

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Oct 06

Wendy's baby diary – Six months! – Guilt, isolation and men

Six months old Dillon was six months old on Monday the 3rd October 2011. A lot has happened in this first six months including his christening , baby swimming classes, health centre visits and weigh ins, the dog eating the midwifes shoes, the whole experience of giving birth, going to University, starting my website http://www.femalearts.com, …

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Sep 27

Wendy's baby diary – baby scans

Wendy’s baby diary – 26 weeks (5 months 3 weeks) Pregnant memories So much happens when you’re pregnant and I felt like I’d remember everything but once you’ve given birth all you think about is the baby and you start to forget cravings, indigestion, swollen feet, back ache and baby’s internal movements. So while I’m …

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Sep 19

Wendy’s Baby Diary – 25 weeks (or 5 months 2 weeks). Nevermind.

There’s been a break from the baby diary after a long holiday with no internet, and when I got home I continued to abstain for a while.  But like all pleasurable things it was difficult to give it up for long. Baby Swimming The latest event for the baby is swimming lessons. He’s been twice …

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Sep 12

Wendy's Baby Diary: 21 Weeks – On Holiday

I write this at 8.40pm, missing the last day of the Edinburgh fringe festival, my bottom lip jutting out in disappointment – so near and yet so far. We are staying in Kippford in the Scottish borders, a good 2 hour drive from the land of the fringe. But this is a lovely part of …

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Aug 22

Wendy’s Baby Diary: 20 Weeks – Posset and Celebrity Babies

Bedtimes We failed to install consistent bedtimes. We put the baby to bed at 7pm – he didn’t sleep. Then 8pm, then 9pm… Now, we just take the baby to bed when we go up at 11pm! If it’s this hard at four months, how are we going to cope when he’s older?  He’ll fall …

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Aug 15

Wendy's Baby Diary: 19 Weeks – Who's Holding The Baby?

Childcare This week, I’d like to discuss the emotive issue of childcare – who to leave your baby with, from what age and what your options are. Parents There is an argument for mums to look after their children full time until they go to school and I think that is what my mum did …

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