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Nov 17

Useful Dog {Misc-uity}

Possibly the happiest video I’ve ever seen. This cute Jack Russell Jesse does tricks and useful things around the house for our amusement. Jesse’s a screen dog and has appeared in commercials and even on Letterman and his owner Heather trains him with positive click reinforcement. The track on the video is called Coffee by Josh Woodward …

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Oct 25

Parkour Dog {Miscuity}

Watch this cute Staffy scale walls and buildings in stunts only parkour runners (and cats, squirrels etc) could previously manage. Still wagging it’s tail as he makes jump after jump, ‘TreT’ hailing from the Ukraine leaves me thinking “where does he get his energy from?!”. Do I hear the bright lights of dog food virals calling? [3FishMan …

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Sep 24

Cute Dogs Get Escalators Wrong {Miscuity}

I thought my hand eye co-ordination was bad but these doggies take the biscuit! (see what I did there?) Even though they get escalators completely wrong they do it in the cutest and most hilarious way… take a looksie. [via Boing Boing]

Sep 09

Downward Facing Cat {Miscuit Tin}

The downward facing dog cat is not a yoga pose I’d personally chose to do whilst precariously perched on a balcony ledge. That doesn’t deter this chilled kitten… Kawaii!!!!

Sep 03

Cyclops Turtle {Misc-uity}

I don’t know wether to say “aww” or “euurgh” and I’m desperately trying to resist any one eyed reptile jokes. This cute/weird little critter/monster only has one eye and isn’t it adorable how it keeps falling asleep!!

Aug 21

Puts the Aww in Koala {Miscuity}

. . . Look at his little ears wiggle around!!! So cute!!

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