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Dec 06

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: TELLING THE WORLD – Jane Cable meets Bookouture publicist Kim Nash

What is your book related job? I work as Publicity and Social Media Manager at Bookouture ( It’s my job to let the world know about our books and authors whether this be through traditional media such as magazines and newspapers or in the online arena so in online magazines or via our social media …

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Apr 15

5 Tips To Improve Your Blog

I have now been blogging for more years than I care to admit to. In those years I have picked up a lot of knowledge. I will now be sharing this knowledge with the readers of Frost. To get started here is my five top tips for your blog. Avoid Duplicate Content. Google penalises duplicate …

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Feb 07

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger Only £1.99 Until End of Today

Our editor Catherine Balavage’s new blogging book, The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger, is only £1.99 until the end of today. It has already had a four star review on Good Reads and a five star review on Amazon. Catherine was also interviewed in Best of You Magazine. The print copy of the magazine …

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Feb 04

Frost Editor Catherine Balavage In Best Of You Magazine Talking About Blogging

Frost founder and editor Catherine Balavage has been interviewed by Best of You magazine about blogging and her new book, The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger. You can read the interview here or buy the print issue here. It is a great interview with lots of tips on blogging and becoming a successful blogger. …

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Feb 01

Frost Editor Catherine Balavage Writes Ultimate Guide To Blogging Book

The Ultimate Guide To Blogging is Launched. The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger by Catherine Balavage is now published. ISBN 978-0-9929639-8-9   It’s all here, just take your time, and let the expert take you by the hand, and save you zillions of hours of stop and start mistakes. Bravo, a book that …

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Jan 21

Using a Copyrighted Picture Cost One Blogger $7,500. Why You Should Never Use Copyrighted Pictures

Do you take images from Google without checking the copyright and hope for the best? Then stop. Pictures from Google and other search engines are protected by copyright law. It is rare to be sued over an image, or even to get a cease and desist letter, but it only takes one mistake to lose vast …

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