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Oct 12


If you are the kind of person that gets twitchy when a hot cup of tea is plonked beside, instead of on top of, a perfectly good coaster then Mother! is not the film for you.  It is the tale of a frustrated poet (credited as Him) and his house-proud wife (credited as mother) living …

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Oct 04

Chichester’s triple threat… Review: The Norman Conquests

The Norman Conquests Chichester Festival Theatre Until 28 October Box office: 01243 781312 Three interconnecting plays, Alan Ayckbourn’s cleverly conceived trilogy gets the red carpet treatment in this excellent revival. While seeing all three provides the complete story, Ayckbourn wrote each play as a standalone, so you don’t lose out if you’re only in …

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Sep 25

The Soft(er) Side of Stephen King By Richard Warburton

Via YouTube. Many of you will have noticed the posters for the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It.  Some feature a sinister red balloon being proffered to a small boy while others show the eponymous killer clown’s grotesque face – a malevolent grinning monster.  This sort of thing sends me bolting to the nearest Cineworld …

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Sep 15

What’s More Popular for Online Gaming Laptops, Desktops, Tablets or Smartphones?

Video games have never been in a stronger place than they are in 2017, with the estimated market value of the industry sitting at around $108 billion dollars. Of this staggering figure, mobile gaming takes a huge percentage, valued at around $35.3bn, consoles following closely at $33.5bn and PC gaming, often considered by many gaming …

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Sep 08

TheBruvs – Animated Comedy Series

Why hasn’t there been a massively successful UK animated sitcom – in the style of US juggernauts The Simpsons or Family Guy? That’s a question that got me thinking about 10 years ago. Just over two years ago I decided to try to do something about it. That is how was born. Short, punchy …

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Aug 31

Justice League Film To Bring Different Caped Crusader Says Ben Affleck

Source: TNT America Latina via Facebook While many people quite liked the dark, out-for-blood Batman that squared off against Superman in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film, Batman actor Ben Affleck has said the superhero won’t quite be the same in the new Justice League film. This comes a month after Affleck had to …

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Aug 20

Review: The Stepmother

The Stepmother Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre Until September 9 01243 781312 Photo credit: Catherine Ashmore The words ‘seldom performed’ in a marketing blurb can trigger alarm bells. In many cases there’s a damn good reason why directors don’t dust down certain plays. In this instance, however, it’s an absolute mystery why it has taken …

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Aug 16

Mobile Gaming: An Incredible Smartphone Success Story

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, it’s fair to say it transformed the mobile phone industry. Within a couple of years, a smartphone went from being a device for business people and tech enthusiasts to something everybody wanted. One wonders if, at the time, Apple ever realised how much smartphones were also going to …

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