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Dec 19

Why Cybersecurity Can Win the Fight Against Islamic Extremism By Cosmo Clark

Cosmo Clark is a cybersecurity and cyber terrorism analyst and observer whose first novel, Blue Eyed Infidel, a satirical sci-fi thriller in the vein of Orwell’s 1984, hits the UK shelves this week. Here Clark (a pseudonym) argues that computers, not bombs, will win the war on terror. What do you think is the best …

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Nov 28

IS LIFE INHERENTLY UNSATISFACTORY? By Paul Kwatz, author of Conscious Robots

Ask a parent “What’s the most important thing in your life?”, and they’ll say “My kids”. This pleases a biologist, who believes that, because humans are the product of evolution, “having children” has to be the most important thing in our lives (after eating and breathing). If it wasn’t, our genes wouldn’t get passed on, …

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Aug 19

Shocking New Study Reveals Overwhelming Sexism in TV & Film Ads

Women may be fighting for equality but there is still a long way to go. TV, cinema and online adverts are overwhelmingly biased against women, with men appearing on screen FOUR times more than women, and men speaking SEVEN times more than women, according to groundbreaking new research. The study by the Geena Davis Institute …

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Oct 17

Trump Card: New Book Picks Apart The Empty Policies & Flawed Logic of Donald Trump As a Warning To The World

Trump Card: New Book Picks Apart The Empty Policies & Flawed Logic of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump As a Warning To The World ~ Trump: Monster or Hero by Mohammad O. Alanjari compares the Trump phenomenon as a disease which could spread across the globe and lead to a new generation of right-wing super-nationalist leaders ~ …

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Aug 26

In Search of the Past – A visit to the Somme Part 5 by Penny Gerrard

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Vivian Robert Hodson The Gerrards and the Hodsons had completed a moving but successful first day travelling round the Somme and as our schedule only allowed us two days in the battlefield area we were up and about early on our second day, ready to find another one of Richard’s family members …

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Aug 04

In Search of the Past – A visit to the Somme by Penny Gerrard Part 2

2nd Lieutenant Robert Charles Hodson As I told you in the introduction to my story, we, the Gerrards and the Hodsons, had arrived safely in Lille and had prepared for our long awaited Somme expedition in May 2016.   Finally we were on our way on the first day of our exploration, and were off to find the …

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Jul 27

In Search of the Past – A visit to the Somme Part 1 by Penny Gerrard

Frost Magazine is conscious that this year, 2016, marks the centenary of the The Battle of the Somme, which  lasted from July 1st to November 18 1916, with huge loss of life. We are enormously moved and delighted that writer, Penny Gerrard, has written a series of features for us centred around this event, which we …

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Jul 21

Gransthread on Kenneth Clarke’s overheard opinion on Theresa May.

A ‘bloody difficult woman’. Compliment or Insult? Recently Kenneth Clarke was overheard calling Theresa May a ‘bloody difficult woman’. So – insult, or a compliment?   I can’t claim to see inside anyone else’s head, but it was reported as an insult or if one is kind, an observation.   This is a label that …

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