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Aug 23

Business of Books: So Much to Give – Part 1

Jane Cable on how authors get together to support charities It’s that time of year again. The time when Chindi Authors stand outside the Cancer Research UK shop in Arundel for ten whole days during the town’s festival trying to sell books. Not an easy task when the second hand offerings inside are so much …

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Aug 22

The Diary of a Freelance Working Mother

Hello Frost readers. Many of you will know me quite well, others will be be thinking, ‘Why is the woman being so arrogant to think that we know who she is?’ And you may have a point, so let me introduce myself properly: I am the editor and founder of Frost Magazine. I am also …

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Aug 20

Review: The Stepmother

The Stepmother Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre Until September 9 01243 781312 Photo credit: Catherine Ashmore The words ‘seldom performed’ in a marketing blurb can trigger alarm bells. In many cases there’s a damn good reason why directors don’t dust down certain plays. In this instance, however, it’s an absolute mystery why it has taken …

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Aug 16

Business Of Books: Jane Cable talks to publishing polymath, Liz Barnsley

BUSINESS OF BOOKS: LOVING BOOKS, LIVING BOOKS Jane Cable talks to publishing polymath, Liz Barnsley What is your book related job or business? First of all I’m a reader and reviewer with my own website, Liz Loves Books  – all done for the love of it. On the professional side I work freelance as a submission reader for …

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Aug 11

Review: Grimm Tales, Chichester

Grimm Tales – For Young and Old Adapted by Philip Wilson Chichester Festival Youth Theatre at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood Until 19 August Photo credit: Johan Persson If you go down to the woods today… Just when it seems impossible for Chichester Festival Youth Theatre (CFYT) to achieve any greater heights they come along …

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Aug 09

A Break From Business: Holiday Reading: Jane Cable on fiction from Cornwall, her adopted county

The question I’m asked most frequently since moving to Cornwall is ‘so are you going to write a Cornish book now?’ The answer is that I’m in no hurry to, but in that I seem to be alone and with so much fiction set in the county I thought I’d pick out a few which …

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Aug 02

Business of Books: Going Up! Jane Cable on the importance of the elevator pitch

Jane Cable on the importance of the elevator pitch It is indeed true that the word is getting shorter. Everything reduced to bitesize for folks in too much of a hurry to stop and listen, hungry to gulp down as many tweet-sized pieces of information as possible. This is not entirely a bad thing. The …

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Jul 26

The Business of Books: Jane Cable meets Sunday Times bestseller, Elaine Everest

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: SPREADSHEETS & SAGAS Jane Cable meets Sunday Times bestseller, Elaine Everest How much of your working life does the business of books take up?   I can honestly say that books take up all my life. When I’m not writing I’m teaching novel writing to my talented students at The Mick Jagger Centre …

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