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Feb 13

Thandie Newton: ‘Lost Work For Revealing Hollywood Sexual Abuse’

Brave and stunning actress Thandie Newton has spoken out about sexual abuse in Hollywood. The actress revealed in July that she was abused by a director when he put a camera between her legs during an audition, she even found out later that he had been playing the tape at private parties. She was also told …

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Feb 02

Chris Pratt “My Son Thinks Acting is Stupid”

It can be hard to impress your kids. Parents are often thought of as uncool and poor Chris Pratt has found that even being a famous Hollywood actor does not help. Chris’s four-year-old son Jack thinks that acting is “stupid”. The truth came out when the 37-year-old was doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything segment where …

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Feb 01

Mads Mikkelsen: ‘The Snobbery in The Acting Business is Enormous’

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen has told Rolling Stones Magazine that a lot of actors are snobby towards actors who do blockbusters. The actor has done a mix of indie and big budget films. “The snobbery in my business is enormous. I did not grow up on deep Czechoslovakian dramas or French art films, I grew up with …

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Jan 29

Hugh Grant Saved a Fortune By Being His Own Acting Agent

Hugh Grant has had a career most actors would envy, and he didn’t get there by being stupid. He revealed that for four years he created a fake acting agent called James Howe Ealy, who was actually Hugh himself. He just used a fake email address. The actor said that he “saved myself an absolute fortune.” …

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Jan 10


By Peter Meyer, author of The Boy from the Wild Most of us dream about quitting the 9-5 (or is that the 8-7) rat race, but few ever do.  The author Peter Meyer is proof that following a dream can be more than just a daydream. He hung up his suit and left a highly-paid …

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Apr 06

Debra Messing ‘Pressured’ to Go Nude in A Walk in the Clouds

Debra Messing has revealed she was “pressured” to shoot a nude scene in 1995 film A Walk in the Clouds by the director Alfonso Arau and the film’s producers. The Will & Grace star starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the film, it was her first major film and was not a pleasant experience. She also said that …

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Dec 22

Monday Club A Collective For Actors and Creatives

Monday Club is a collective of creatives who meet once a week as a company of actors, dancers, writers, directors and more to generate new ideas and to share skills from our various artistic backgrounds. We encourage collaboration and the development of new writing and performance, and support individuals in the exploration and achievement of their …

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Dec 20

Michelle Williams: “I Have Struggled To Find Acting Work For Three Years”

Actress Michelle Williams has opened up about her difficulty finding acting work in the past three years. She is getting acclaim for new film, indie drama Manchester by the Sea, which is one of only three films she has been in since 2013. In an interview with Porter magazine she put it down to trends: “In the past …

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