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Jan 10


By Peter Meyer, author of The Boy from the Wild Most of us dream about quitting the 9-5 (or is that the 8-7) rat race, but few ever do.  The author Peter Meyer is proof that following a dream can be more than just a daydream. He hung up his suit and left a highly-paid …

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Nov 03

Superhero Movies at a Crossroads?

The latest Marvel movie and the third in its Norse chapter, Thor: Ragnarok, may herald a marked change in that franchise’s approach to superhero films.  The production of these films is as predictable as a car assembly line and their content as varied as the colours of a Model T but with Thor Three a …

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Oct 12


If you are the kind of person that gets twitchy when a hot cup of tea is plonked beside, instead of on top of, a perfectly good coaster then Mother! is not the film for you.  It is the tale of a frustrated poet (credited as Him) and his house-proud wife (credited as mother) living …

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Sep 25

The Soft(er) Side of Stephen King By Richard Warburton

Via YouTube. Many of you will have noticed the posters for the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It.  Some feature a sinister red balloon being proffered to a small boy while others show the eponymous killer clown’s grotesque face – a malevolent grinning monster.  This sort of thing sends me bolting to the nearest Cineworld …

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May 03

Business of Books: Jane Cable talks to author & book designer Christine Hammacott

Jane Cable talks to author and book designer Christine Hammacott   How much of your working life does the business of books take up? The business of books is extremely varied these days. Being an author doesn’t just involve writing a book. It can involve research, editing, marketing and promotion, social media, blogging, events and book festivals, …

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Jun 24

Gaucho Premieres present Ab Fab

  Yes Sweeeeety Daaaaarlings! You heard it here. Gaucho have managed to bag the hotly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous Movie and it’s set to be premiered at Gaucho O2 on Saturday 2nd July. Forget the cinema, how else could you possible enjoy Absolutely Fabulous without a cocktail in hand. Thank you Gaucho for making this one possible, …

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Jun 21

Elisabeth Banks Was “Too Old” To Play Tobey Maguire’s Girlfriend In Spider-Man At 28

In an interview with the ever-amazing Glamour Magazine, Elizabeth Banks has revealed that she was deemed “too old” too play Toby Maguire’s Girlfriend in Spider Man, despite being close in age. Now 42, Banks had a screen test with Tobey Maguire for the film that was released in 2002. She was rejected for the role …

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May 09

Screenwriting Workshop with BAFTA Award winning writer John Foster


You may have had the opportunity to catch a performance of Shot At Dawn in Dorset over the last few weeks which has been earning fantastic reviews – and rightly so. Writer and Artistic Director, John Foster, kindly gave a pre-performance screenwriting  workshop for Dorset Writers Network  at Bridport Arts Centre. John gave an overview …

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