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Apr 18

Carol Smillie & The Underwear Changing Women’s Lives

It is not easy being a woman. First there are periods, then possible post maternity leakage (do this pelvic exercises now!) or other bladder issues. But help is at hand at last: DiaryDoll are a range of protective underwear with a concealed waterproof layer which offers girls and women that extra peace of mind and comfort. DiaryDoll is a …

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Apr 11

Hape’s Jungle Journey Train Review

We love Hape at Frost. They make beautiful wooden toys which are fun and educational for little ones. It is no surprise that they have won multiple awards. There is far too much plastic in the world so brands like Hape are much needed. My son loves anything with wheels and his little eyes light …

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Mar 30

Easter Gift Idea For Little Ones: Gifts Hub’s Personalised Books

We were bowled over by Gifts Hub’s Personalised Books for little ones. They come in a gorgeous presentation box, and the books are stunning. The book is personalised on the front and throughout. You can also include a personal message in the opening page. Journey into the World with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Book Personalised gifting group, Gifts …

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Mar 24

Anna And Elsa From Frozen Are Related To Tarzan. Yes, Really

Okay people, you might want to hold onto your hat for this one; it turns out that Anna and Elsa from Frozen are related to Tarzan. WTF I hear you say, well it is true because Frozen director, Chris Buck, has confirmed the fan theories. Many Disney films have subtle links to each other. Aladdin’s lamp …

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Mar 03

The Great British Family Report 2017

Frost magazine found the The Great British Family Report 2017 very interesting indeed. How do you match up? NO MONEY, NO TIME, NO PATIENCE – BUT NINE IN TEN BRITISH FAMILIES ARE HAPPY   Great British Family Report paints picture of typical family in 2017 – from work to finances Biggest worries include money, children’s happiness and …

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Feb 23

Helping Children Sleep By Dan Jones

Helping Children Sleep Almost 20 years ago I began working in children’s homes. Many of the children had endured years of abuse and other traumatic experiences by the time they ended up in care, this impacted on their ability to feel safe, relax, and sleep at night. Due to having Asperger’s, a high-functioning form of …

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Feb 21

Plus One is The Loneliest Number: On The Loneliness of Motherhood

There are many hard things about parenthood. Some are obvious: sleepless nights, exhaustion, lack of me time, endless nappies. But there is one that is not talked about as much and that should be, and that is the crippling loneliness of motherhood (or fatherhood if the man is the stay-at-home parent). Now some people may …

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Feb 07

When a Mother Isn’t The Best Person To Deal With An Anorexic Child

IT’S NOT A MOTHER’S JOB Author and journalist Carol Lee spent many years helping her god-daughter, Emma, in her battle with anorexia and bulimia. Emma’s first spell of anorexia seemed to happen suddenly. One minute she was a moody 15-year-old, the next she had locked herself in her bedroom and wouldn’t open the door. I …

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