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Aug 19

Shocking New Study Reveals Overwhelming Sexism in TV & Film Ads

Women may be fighting for equality but there is still a long way to go. TV, cinema and online adverts are overwhelmingly biased against women, with men appearing on screen FOUR times more than women, and men speaking SEVEN times more than women, according to groundbreaking new research. The study by the Geena Davis Institute …

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Oct 18

MumsThread: No, Women Can Not Have It All By Getting Up An Hour Earlier

First it was in the papers. Then it was in some magazines. Of course, it was in the Daily Mail. It was sexism and bullshit dressed up as self-help. It said that women can have it all if they just get up an hour earlier. Much like a lot of self help: it was geared …

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Aug 23

MumsThread: On The Importance of Work When You Become a Mother

Out of all of the truisms, few are more true as when you choose a job, you choose a lifestyle. This was never more true when I first became an actor many moons ago (at one point I had three survival jobs. A day one, an evening one and a weekend one), or when I had a corporate job …

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Jul 12

Do It Like A Woman by Caroline Criado-Perez

Do It Like A Woman …and change the world by Caroline Criado-Perez Doing anything like a woman used to mean being a bit rubbish. No longer. Now, as the women in this book prove, it means being brave, thinking differently, speaking out, standing up, taking a risk, fighting back, dreaming big, and being more than …

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Mar 10

On International Women’s Day FEMALE ARTS launched Friend Scheme as a #PledgeForParity

Female Arts magazine launched a friend scheme on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016. The online arts review magazine, headed by Editor-In-Chief Wendy Thomson is based at South Street Arts Centre, Reading and reviews events across the UK. “The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #PledgeForParity where business leaders from Sir Richard Branson, founder …

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Feb 25

There Is Only One Word For Sex Selective Abortion: Gendercide. But Should It Be Illegal?

On Monday the 23rd February MPs voted on whether to amend the serious crime bill to make abortion based on foetal gender a crime. MPs ultimately rejected the amendment to the bill from Fiona Bruce. But was it the right decision? Sex selective abortion is only one thing: gendercide. This brilliant article on gendercide in …

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