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Nov 24

Flic Smart Button Review

Frost has reviewed this cute little smart button. It has a variety of uses. We hooked it up to our Spotify so it could control the music. It is very smart indeed and very handy. It is easy to set up. Makes a great present, for Christmas or beyond.   Flic smart button Available at …

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Oct 17

Penclic B2 And Penclic B3 Review | Time To Change Your Mouse?

Some technology seems to stay the same, and the humble computer mouse may have changed in some ways- became wireless, have different buttons- but really it is a design that has stayed the same. Now Penclic has changed that thanks to high-quality Scandinavian design. These mice are more like pens, and the design has helped …

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Oct 03

ZeroWater Really Cleans Up | ZeroWater Review

Lead and other heavy metals in our waters is a major concern. However, bottled water is bad for the environment and the costs add up. Never mind that the plastic is not very good for you. So water filters are big business and rightly so. Every home should have one. Not all water filters are …

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Apr 25

Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones Review

Okay, first thing first: the Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones are not only gorgeous, but damn sexy. They have a luxurious, polished feel to them. They feel solid, like they are well-made, which- of course- they are. You can buy them wired or wireless. We reviewed the wireless ones. Swedish brand Urbanista have launched headphones with a crisp sound …

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Apr 18

Coffee Gator – Pour Over Coffee Maker

  Easter break is over and it’s back to work with a vengeance. If you turn to coffee for a kick start Coffee Gator might hit the spot. Pour over has become quite a hipster thing and many are choosing this method of brewing coffee over their flat whites and lattes. I’ve used a Chemex …

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Mar 14

Get into Your Zone with MYZONE

Training is changing and we are becoming a nation which is more mindful when concerned with the question: are we active enough? Fitbit’s and Apple Watches seem to be revolutionising our ability to check our statistics frequently. We are in competition with ourselves to beat our steps, practise one minute of mindfulness and compare our …

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Feb 10

Penclic B3 Mouse Review

I am always excited about trying something different and the Penclic B3 mouse is certainly that. It looks more like a joystick than a mouse. But it is stylish. Very much so. It is a beautiful piece of technology.  At first is feels a little strange to use. You have to get used to it. …

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Dec 08

Immerse yourself in the world of Virtual Reality Entertainment with the New Cygnett VR- GW 360° Headset

Virtual reality is huge now and there are a number of virtual reality headsets on the market. I would argue that the Cygnett Gateway VR Headset is the only one that has such an affordable price point. It retails at only £24.99. We are also reviewing the Oculus Rift at the moment which is at the high end …

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