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Sep 18

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Infographic from Discount Supplements UK on the dangers of a desk job and how you can combat them.  

Jun 23

Smell sweet this summer with Odaban antiperspirant


I could weep, honestly I could. Why did I not know about this product before? I’ve ruined so many shirts and t-shirts with excessive sweating, especially during the menopause, and have suffered the embarrassment of sweaty feet since I was a teenager.  To think I could have avoided it all and saved some wonderful clothes …

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Jun 23

Excilor 3 in 1 Protector Spray-protect your feet this summer

Excilor 3-in-1

    Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray – The ideal product for all the family who want to protect their tootsies from any infections Hands up – how many of you – or your children – are running around barefoot? How many have sweaty feet? How many will admit to a verrucae? Save yourself the trouble …

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Apr 14

It Happened To Me: A Tampon Got Lost In My Body

There is nothing like sharing stories to make you feel like you’re not alone in a situation – we can all identify with a bit of true-talk after all. Not only that, being open and honest about real things that happen to real women is the fastest way to smash taboos and get us all talking about tricky topics. Femcare subscription service Pink …

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Mar 14

Get into Your Zone with MYZONE

Training is changing and we are becoming a nation which is more mindful when concerned with the question: are we active enough? Fitbit’s and Apple Watches seem to be revolutionising our ability to check our statistics frequently. We are in competition with ourselves to beat our steps, practise one minute of mindfulness and compare our …

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Mar 03

Four Bs – caring for someone with an Eating Disorder

Squeaky wheel

There’s  a lot of information and advice out there for those caring for someone with an eating disorder, and in doing everything you can to take care of them, you may forget to be kind to yourself. But you are important too. If you don’t take look after yourself who is going to take care of them …

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Mar 02

Dogs and Distraction

My daughter told me she had a problem with her food a few days after we had put a deposit on a puppy – an English springer spaniel. It was meant to be a surprise. Now it seemed it would be an added burden, an unwanted distraction when all I wanted to do was concentrate my …

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Mar 01

Eating Disorders – Missing the Signs

If you’ve been reading my previous articles I know what some of you are thinking. She’s a bit dim isn’t she? How could she not know her daughter had an eating disorder? That’s what I thought too. How could I have not known? Mother’s should know everything; they are meant to care for and protect …

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