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Mar 14

Get into Your Zone with MYZONE

Training is changing and we are becoming a nation which is more mindful when concerned with the question: are we active enough? Fitbit’s and Apple Watches seem to be revolutionising our ability to check our statistics frequently. We are in competition with ourselves to beat our steps, practise one minute of mindfulness and compare our …

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Mar 03

Four Bs – caring for someone with an Eating Disorder

Squeaky wheel

There’s  a lot of information and advice out there for those caring for someone with an eating disorder, and in doing everything you can to take care of them, you may forget to be kind to yourself. But you are important too. If you don’t take look after yourself who is going to take care of them …

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Mar 02

Dogs and Distraction

My daughter told me she had a problem with her food a few days after we had put a deposit on a puppy – an English springer spaniel. It was meant to be a surprise. Now it seemed it would be an added burden, an unwanted distraction when all I wanted to do was concentrate my …

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Mar 01

Eating Disorders – Missing the Signs

If you’ve been reading my previous articles I know what some of you are thinking. She’s a bit dim isn’t she? How could she not know her daughter had an eating disorder? That’s what I thought too. How could I have not known? Mother’s should know everything; they are meant to care for and protect …

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Feb 28

Eating Disorders – Are you asking the right questions

Speaking up My daughter was 19, almost 20 when I found out she had an eating disorder. A friend had told her that if she didn’t speak to me about it then he would. I will be forever grateful to that young man. How long would it have gone undiscovered otherwise? She agreed to get …

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Feb 27

Let’s Talk About Eating Disorders


Please, let’s talk about eating disorders. The more we talk about it the easier we make it for both those who suffer from one and the wider family who are also affected. Let’s talk and dispel some of the myths that surround eating disorders – that it’s all about the food. It’s not. February 27th …

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Feb 06

Sensualise your Valentine – Date Night Organic Bath Milk from Lucy Annabella

Lucy Annabella Date Night Bath Milk

Are you searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Looking for a little mood-enhancing aromatherapy?  How about a little Therapeutic Luxury from Lucy Annabella to arouse your senses? Date Night Bath Organic Milk is the ideal way to unwind, relax and prepare yourself for that special date. It’s the perfect love potion for a romantic night …

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Jan 20

The Average Mum Falls Ill 324 Times Over Their Youngster’s Childhood

The average mum will fall ill 324 times over their youngster’s childhood – with colds and bugs passed on to them by their offspring, a study has found.   An endless cycle of sore throats, runny noses, migraines and sickness bugs means the average mum will be left feeling under the weather 18 times a …

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