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Aug 17

Demanding Travel As Pleasure

House prices in London are stupid, and so, too, are rent prices. The average wage in London is approximately £24k per annum, but to afford somewhere half decent in most places, you’re looking at paying at the very least a quarter of your monthly income on rent alone (nearer half depending on how below average …

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Apr 21

Have you paid for the Royal Wedding?

It’s the Royal Wedding soon – 29 April 2011. Have you bought your tea towel? Have you paid £3 for a bottle of Kiss me Kate from your local Weatherspoons pub? If you haven’t yet then you need to be quick, the economy needs you! If conservative estimates are correct, £1bn could be injected into …

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Nov 11

As far as possible, boycott the nasty 35 {Carl Packman}

Imagine this: every day a big kid at your school takes the money your parent/carer gives you for a measly meal of chicken burger and chips and a can of cherry pop. You’re left asking your mate for a bite on their corned beef sandwich and a couple of crisps. When you go home you’re …

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Aug 25

What not to call a posho {Carl Packman}

When Samantha Cameron gave birth to her baby yesterday I was in an office in Central London. The news spread in that office of course like the news that Julie from HR has brought in some Rice Krispie treats made with cocaine. While everyone was wincing and speculating on its weight, I was wondering whether …

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Aug 20

Self service checkouts mean the end of the world {Carl Packman}

You may have met a manager like this before: They don’t wear ties because they had a boss once who wore a tie, and he ran himself to the ground, things are easier now, so much so that his (or her) top three shirt buttons are undone, and (s)he’s leaning on the radiator while addressing …

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Jul 26

Wikileak in Afghanistan {Carl Packman}

Julian Assange won’t find himself on any leaked document, but he should be under no illusion: he is enemy number 1 now. The owner of Wikileaks may have just tickled a ball too many with his latest release; 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict in Afghanistan. Homeless Assange, whose profile on …

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Jul 15

The Fat of the Land {Carl Packman}

There is a simple reason why I predict the two taser shots received by Raoul Moat on the morning of 10 July had nothing to do with his eventual death. Not because disruptions to ones nervous system couldn’t release a spasm that would set off a trigger to an unfortunate whose gun happened to be …

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Jul 02

The Gall of Prince of Wales {Carl Packman}

Have you ever said out loud: oh my, how have they got the gall to say that? Occasions arise when the gall of your heroes can come back to hurt you. I’m on the political left, and as such I quite like the words of Polly Toynbee, she’s very well skilled in saying things that …

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