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Nov 23

After the Snow By Susannah Constantine Book Review

We all know Susannah Constantine from her Trinny and Susannah days when she told women what to wear. The careers of the two fashionable women went stratospheric. They both became very successful indeed. When After The Snow reached Frost HQ I was immediately grabbed by the cover. It is beautiful and really encapsulates the book. …

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Sep 28

What do you think?: A Collection of Poems Extract #nationalpoetryday

To celebrate National Poetry Day here is some extracts from my poetry book What do you think?: A collection of poems. I hope you enjoy them.   Thieves Littered broken hearts One million men Tearing me apart Vestiges of What I used to be Leaving behind All different parts of me Traces Chunks Bits Intellectual property …

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Sep 07

Diary of a Freelance Working Mother: On Busybodies

It was Jean Paul Sartre who said that hell is other people, but he did not get it quite right. What he should have said was that hell is other people and their opinions. Now if they can keep those opinions to themselves then it is happiness all-round. I spend large parts of my day not pointing …

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Aug 29

Diary of a Freelance Working Mother: Park Life

A term time break. The summer holidays. This used to mean something when I was in school, but since my son is still in toddlerhood it does not hold the same excitement. I am not saying it has no effect on my life: the toddler groups close or become less frequent. When they are open …

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Aug 24

The People At Number 9 By Felicity Everett Now Out In Paperback

One of Frosts favourite books of the year is now out in paperback. You can read our review of The People At Number 9 here. We recommend you get your hands on a copy. Meet the new neighbours. Whose side are you on? Have you met the People at Number 9? Sara and Neil have new neighbours …

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Aug 22

The Diary of a Freelance Working Mother

Hello Frost readers. Many of you will know me quite well, others will be be thinking, ‘Why is the woman being so arrogant to think that we know who she is?’ And you may have a point, so let me introduce myself properly: I am the editor and founder of Frost Magazine. I am also …

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Aug 19

The Ultimate Guide To Clearing Your Clutter

Last year I became quite obsessed with decluttering. In fact, thanks to Marie Kondo I think we all did. I have never liked being surrounded by a lot of stuff. I have always hated clutter. Which is why I am feeling rather proud. My husband and I have got rid of thousands of things. There …

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Aug 18

Hugh Grant Saved a Fortune By Being His Own Acting Agent

Hugh Grant has had a career most actors would envy, and he didn’t get there by being stupid. He revealed that for four years he created a fake acting agent called James Howe Ealy, who was actually Hugh himself. He just used a fake email address. The actor said that he “saved myself an absolute fortune.” …

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