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Mar 02

30 Days Of Gratitude Day Two: My Husband

Following on from day one, here is day two of my thirty days of gratitude. Some people don’t get to find The One but for six years now I have been lucky enough to live my life alongside my best friend, building memories along the way. I am not going to bore you all with …

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Nov 29

The Quintessentially Foundation & The Crown Estate’s ‘Fayre of St James’

Frost joined 500 other Londoners, including, Hugh Grant, Leona Lewis, Gabrielle Aplin, Tamsin Egerton, Charlotte Tilbury, Lady Ella Windsor, Olivia Inge and Nick Frost for the Quintessentially Foundations and The Crown Estate’s ‘Fayre of St James’ in association with Quaglino’s. It was tons of fun and we had an amazing night. The drinks were superb …

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Oct 03

21st Raindance Film Festival Opening Gala & How To Make Money Selling Drugs Premiere

The 21st Raindance Film Festival started with a richter scale bang. The great and the good of the International Film Industry congregated at the Vue West End in the iconic film centre of Leicester Square. Elliott Grove, Raindance founder and champion of independent cinema, was in his element and shiny with success. Elliot looked incredibly …

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Mar 26

The Next Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis – We Have Learnt Nothing

Some lessons are never learned and the boom and bust of the housing market is one of them. As we finish one housing crash we are already setting ourselves up for the next one. The seeds for the next sub-prime mortgage crisis have already been sown. It stems from a desire by all parties to …

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Mar 11

The Latest Greek Bailout – The Worst Decision Possible

It always happens with politicians, you get ‘compromise’. And it’s exactly what’s happened with the latest Greek bailout. Rather than the much needed bazooka to deal, with the problem we’ve ended up with the usual indecisive and ineffective compromise, which only results in a short term solution. If politicians had just had the guts to commit a bit …

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Aug 16

Anonymous: Damaging The Vital Cause Of Internet Freedom

Anonymous – the radical decentralised online community ostensibly associated with the goal of ‘free speech’ – has caused controversy by issuing a statement sympathising with the UK riots. It is yet another example of action by the organisation that damages the vital cause of internet freedom. A cause which the organisation claims to defend. The …

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Aug 06

US Loses Triple AAA Credit Rating

One of the world’s three leading credit agencies has downgraded US debt. Standard and Poors cut the US credit rating one notch to AA+ with a negative outlook. The agency argues that the deficit reduction plan passed by congress didn’t go far enough in addressing the US deficit. Whilst the US debt to GDP ratio …

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Apr 24


First time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder. Incomes and property prices remain distorted and banks have become increasingly stringent. With the situation as it is many first time buyers are turning to shared equity housing schemes. Instead of buying the whole of a property you only buy a …

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