Dec 06

Gym Expenses: Growing Interest Means Growing Costs

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With the London Olympics and the European Football Championships taking place this summer, and the World Cup coming up in 2014 plus ongoing sporting events such as Test cricket and motorsport to name a few, the price of participating in sport has been forced to rise with teams and facilities taking advantage of the increased numbers of people coming through the doors, a stark contrast to how things were as little as two years ago in many cases.

Gyms are just one example of sporting facilities that take advantage of customers who have decided that they need to improve their health and fitness, either to feel good or look good. Most gyms charge what they call “one-off joining fees” which are essentially membership costs. Having paid this amount – usually upon joining – you shouldn’t have to pay this fee again, (which is good because it’s often a substantial fee and you don’t want to be taking out a bank or payday loan – click here to find out what they are – each year to cover it).

On top of that you have your monthly charges, which is effectively your ongoing membership costs allowing you to go along any time any day and do your work out, either running on the treadmill after work or cycling away indoors while it’s pouring outside; or preparing yourself for your next holiday by getting on the weights and getting your “beach body” ready.

Some gyms will also charge you extra for classes or taking advantage of different activities on offer, such as using the swimming pool, sauna or steam rooms.

I guess the message of this article is to acknowledge that gyms, like sports clubs in general, are welcoming new members all the time, but also taking advantage of these people by asking for more money, even hiding some costs as “special offers.” Make sure that you read the contracts associated with any gym or sports club that you have to pay to join to ensure that you aren’t being ripped off and then you can go and enjoy your time at the gym without feeling as though you’re only going to get your money’s worth.