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Catherine Balavage is the Editor, Founder and Publisher of Frost Magazine.

Catherine is a writer, author and actor. She has written four books and is working on a novel. She has appeared on Luther, Placebo’s For What It’s Worth music video, The Garrick in the West End and many more. Film credits include Le Fear, The Sequel, Junkhearts, Prose & Cons and Hugo. Catherine also writes reviews, articles and scripts. She has a film production company with Steve McAleavy and she directed her first feature film “Prose & Cons” in 2012 and is playing Lady Eleanor in The Secret of Botticelli. She likes to spend her free time staring at her son and kissing him while he is still too young to be embarrassed by her.

Catherine’s articles on Frost Magazine





Contributing editor and writer Margaret Graham has edited an arts magazine, written short fiction and articles. She finally landed on the shiny surface of a publisher’s desk and has written 16 novels, latterly for Random House. She has another 3 in the pipeline for them. She teaches creative writing, mentors and edits aspiring writers, and recently founded and runs, with Penny Deacon and Jan Speedie, Words for the Wounded (raising money for wounded troops via writing prizes and events). She is old enough to know better but frequently goes ‘too far’. This has recently taken the form of joining a ukulele band, which will perform at a gig in Christmas. The family refuse to be present because the band will also sing.





Tracy Baines: Dorset Reviews EditorTracy Baines: Dorset Reviews Editor

Tracy Baines is a successful short story writer and her stories have been published in the UK, Scandinavia, Australia and South Africa. She used to squeeze her writing around other business commitments and bringing up her three children – well, it’s two and a half really but she hates the term stepson and is trying to come up with something better: half-son, shared-son, borrowed-son…she hasn’t quite found it yet.

She is a creative writing tutor, speaker and workshop organiser and likes to ferret out writing events and share them across social media platforms.

At the moment she is having fun playing with paints, glue and gesso in a garden studio in deepest Dorset. Other than that she walks her dog as she doesn’t do running of any sort and enjoys reviewing books for Frost as it’s the perfect excuse to sit reading all day.









Carol Muskoron is a top journalist, an internet entrepreneur and a novelist. As a journalist she has worked for many women’s magazines including Good Housekeeping, Essentials and Woman’s Weekly; and she’s written on just about everything: sex, relationships, one-pot recipes, DIY, scuba diving and more. She was one of the world’s first bloggers and was videoblogging six years before the invention of Youtube. Her fiction is outlandish and fun – she writes warm-hearted black comedies with larger-than-life, inforgettable characters. In her free time Carol dotes on her two house rabbits, as her teenager children sadly no longer tolarate overt doting.



Jack Shamash




Jack Shamash is a top national journalist who writes for The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph as well as numerous women’s magazines. He was senior wine writer for the food and lifestyle website and he also contributed a regular ‘Man in the Kitchen’ column. He loves Chinese food, alvarinho wine and a good sirloin steak with homemade chips. He lives in North London with a wife and two teenage children.








Christian Gott is a passionate foodie which is lucky really as for over twenty years he has worked with food, as a butcher, selling his own BBQ sauce and foremost as a chef.He is currently a development chef dreaming up delicious dishes for bars and restaurants in the Channel Islands and the UK. As a job it involves eating probably far too much seafood but hey no one ever said life was easy. Interested in the history, ethics and psychology of eating it is perhaps best not to ask him about the subject, as his family will confirm it can be difficult to shut him up.





Keshini Misha: Having trained as an actor/musician, Keshini has enjoyed an exciting and varied career in the industry, but her passion for fashion has always shone brightly. Having worked at Look Magazine and covering London Fashion Week for a few years now, her interest in upcoming trends remain. Also a born and bred Londoner, her knowledge of hip and trendy bars have pushed her further into seeking out the best London has to offer.








Wendy Breckon photo Frost



Wendy Breckon catapulted into Hertfordshire from the Irish shores at 15¾. She once auditioned in the 6th form for the National Youth Theatre, accidently diving off a chair in velvet hot pants, during a passionate St. Joan speech, to unexpected applause. At that moment, the seeds of becoming a Head of Drama were planted. Wendy finds herself still chuckling at some zany moments in her teaching career, such as the incident with a purple feather boa and a pair of red stilettos.

She lives on the Dorset / Devon border and adores putting together articles for Frost Magazine and writing short stories with a sprinkling of humour. The dream, (no longer secret), is to write a television sitcom for television. She will have a part, of course. Frequent trips to London and Dublin, to see the offspring, provide her with a necessary buzz.






Dr Kathleen Thompson

Kathleen Thompson is a doctor – originally a paediatrician, more recently specialising in pharmaceutical drug research. She has two long-suffering children, who patiently tolerate their mother’s crazy projects, and rescue her from frequent IT catastrophes.

She enjoys adventures and has recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, walked the Camino de Santiago (500 miles) and, cycled through Rajasthan and, on another occasion, up the mountains of Kerala. She raised funds for the charity, Women v Cancer, during two of these escapades.

She has a passion for ballroom dancing and came 7th in Samba at the ISTD Medallists Competition Grand Finals in Blackpool 2014.

She loves languages and is currently learning to speak Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Bulgarian extremely badly. She has started growing her own food, however, due to a few disasters, she isn’t ready to turn her back on the supermarket fruit and veg section quite yet.



Staff Photographer- Cire Simone


Staff Photographer: Cire Simone 

Cire (Cire Simone Photography) has been interested in photography and the beauty of images from an early age. A degree in Marine and Natural History Photography at University College Falmouth furthered her enthusiasm for this media. She loves combining her passion of travel and the great outdoors in her photography and is at her happiest with a camera in her hand.






Drama Critic- Paul Vates.




Drama Critic: Paul Vates.
Paul trained as an actor at East 15 Acting School and has done film, television, voiceovers and skinwork (no, that’s not rude). He has appeared in a wide variety of roles ranging from Shakespearean Clowns to playing Postman Pat in a UK national theatre tour – and starring as the superhero Mathsman in two award-winning BBC television series. As a writer, he has had six plays produced and is working towards becoming a published novelist. (






Jan Speedie: Surrey Reviews Editor




Jan Speedie: Surrey Reviews Editor

I have always had a love of reading and was delighted when asked to review books for Frost Magazine ( It is always interesting to see what fiction book will arrive in the post next. I am enjoying my retirement with 4 growing grandchildren, a house and garden to keep under control and interesting and relaxing holidays as often as I can. At the moment I am planning a trip to Australia, one of the items on my bucket list. I also devote time to my chosen charity Words for the Wounded ( to help raise funds for our wounded personnel – so far this has involved a tandem skydive, a mud challenge and preparing lunches at our Literary Festival in Downley, High Wycombe.








Shane Finn is a full time Professional Photographer. Internationally published in Fashion, commercial & editorial images. He also shoots look-books world wide for fashion designers. Covers London Fashion Week and press events. Also shoots Dance & Shows and works for Brendan Cole of Strictly Come Dancing fame, as well as other top level Latin & Ballroom dancers. Shoots in conjunction with Corinne for Frost Magazine covering Press, Launches, and events for many companies and individuals which fits Frost magazine’s high end lifestyle dynamic.





Charles Rivington is one of Frost’s newest writers but has built up a fan base quickly, thanks to his witty and knowledgeable film writing. “A grumpy old man at 22, Charles Rivington loves cinema almost as much as he loves complaining about it. Never short of an opinion (whether you asked or not) he is more than happy to inform you that you are wrong, that your favourite film is terrible and then explain, at length, the reasons why. He can also often be seen at social gatherings harassing people he has just met to agree to watch films they know they’ll hate and have no intention of watching. Although his critiques do occasionally veer into snobbery, he claims he will watch pretty much anything and actually has secret fondness for genre movies (particularly good westerns and bad horror movies). Whilst film is his greatest passion he also has a keen interest in theatre, literature and music and occasionally strays into writing about these areas, with varying degrees of success. He lists his heroes as Roger Ebert, Woody Allen and Statler and Waldorf. He feels uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

He can be followed at @crivington.”


Junior Smart is a man of many talents. When he is not helping young people turn their backs on criminality through his ground-breaking scheme – The SOS Gangs Project at St Giles Trust, Junior Smart writes for us. With an infinite love for computer games, movies and anything remotely techy, Junior is as down to earth as his writing suggests and prides himself on ‘telling it like it is’. You can find out more about his project by checking out:





JaneCableJane Cable is a novelist with a passion for writing about anything. After graduating from university she worked in PR for seven years before deciding it was time to get a proper job and retrained as a chartered accountant. Still she couldn’t stop writing; for a while as a cricket journalist and then the novels came along. The first few were total drivel and never saw the light of day but in 2011 The Cheesemaker’s House reached the final of The Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition and was published independently two years later to five star reviews – including one from Frost Magazine. Jane now writes for Frost about publishing, eating and drinking. Find out more at or follow JaneCable on Twitter.




Vicky Edwards is a writer, lyricist and actress. She has written several books, including The Joy of Ex: Don’t get mad, get over it, Fifty Thrifty Tips for your Dream Wedding and The Dog Lover’s Companion.

Although her acting days are mostly behind her, she did dust off her make-up box for a stint in panto at the Alexandra Theatre in Bognor Regis last year, playing the Sheriff of Nottingham’s evil mother.


As a journalist Vicky has writes on a broad variety of subjects, as well as interviewing West End and Broadway stars. Recent interviewees include Danny Elfman, Patricia Hodge, Sheila Hancock, Denise Van Outen, Keeley Hawes and author Julia Donaldson.

Vicky also reviews books, theatre and baked goods. Anyone wishing her to pass judgement on the latter is welcome to send generous quantities for her consideration.


davidgilesAustralian Academy Award nominee, David Evan Giles, is a storyteller. He started typing at the age of 9 and has barely stopped writing since. He has a degree in English and another one in Film, so he understands verbal and cinematic language. He has been getting paid to write and make films since 1986 as a writer, producer and award-winning director.

David has written everything from major movies and short corporate videos to TV series and web copy, poetry and reviews, speeches for actors and speeches for CEOs.

He has written for publications including Frost Magazine and The Economist’s Intelligent Life about travel, where to eat, where to stay and what to see. In 2014, David was selected to be trained by Al Gore and his team as a speaker on climate change and now delivers the updated version of the talk that was the basis for the Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.




Melissa Volpi is a Scottish writer, photographer and photojournalist who documents everything from gun making to confidence boosting riding holidays for women. Melissa writes for publications worldwide and is thrilled to be part of the Frost team.To read Melissa’s story, or to view examples of her work, visit





@sarahbacchusSarah Bacchus’ passion for photography, fashion, style and beauty has been with her from a very early age. Her mother was a model in the 60’s and has been influenced by this all her life.

Sarah has an amazing list of career achievements and has worked with countless celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Dannii Minogue, Claudia Schiffer and other distinguished names. Sarah has worked backstage at fashion weeks in London and Paris. She has worked on TV, film and top commercial magazine photo shoots and adverts for L’Oreal, Elle, InStyle, Harpers, Vanity Fair and many more.
Sarah has been part of the styling team with Nicky Hambeldon Jones (10 Years Younger) and has written fashion, beauty and nail advice for a variety of online publications.
Sarah has also been a trainer for many of the top nail and beauty companies in the industry.
Now a full time writer, photographer and photo journalist working with various brands, businesses, PR and media companies.

Twitter: @sarahbacchus




Lottie Smith. Daughter to photographer and features writer Sarah Bacchus, Lottie has grown up surrounded by the fashion and beauty industry. Being part of a family of photographers, Lottie has just completed an A level in photography along with English literature and language. She is now one of our youngest features writers bringing you all the latest in fashion, trends and style in and around London.

Other than writing and fashion, Lottie has a fast growing career in modelling.”








Corinne Tuddenham-Trett began her career in 2006 as a wedding couture catwalk model and has challenged the prevailing notions of mature modelling ever since, an instant success in the catwalk world and a muse for bridal and couture houses who request her presence on the runway to professionally showcase the lines, textures and quality that reflects quintessential elegance.

A mother of three, Benjamin, Samantha and Charlotte, Corinne lives and works in the East Anglian/London region with her partner, Shane Finn (Visual Devotion), a professional fashion and commercial photographer. Corinne also lives at home with her two Siamese cats, Bo and Millie
Apart from fashion, Corinne is passionate about dance, Latin American and Ballroom in particular. She is an accomplished dancer, having competed as a child and enjoys the choreographic challenge of putting music and movement together on a catwalk. She is regularly cast as the lead or first face on the runway in order to keep the delivery of a show as professional and seamless as possible.


Keeley Watts is a contact centre supervisor by day and blogger by night. She has a passion for reading, old films, musicals and photography. Based in Manchester she writes about the food and drink scene as well as beauty and staying healthy. Keeley has written for a number of national sites as well as her own blog You can also follow her on twitter @phat_cupcake. She is Frost Magazine’s Manchester correspondent.











Emma-Jane Lewis is the fashion, wedding and conceptual photographer editor.

A fashion, wedding and conceptual photographer now based in East London after having recently relocated from Devon to develop her photography business further. Having 4.5 years experience in the industry and having a number of exhibitions and features, most recently in New York at the end of this year. A lover of Japanese food and anything sweet, if you don’t like desserts we might not get on!, Twitter: @ejlewis88 and Facebook.




Sophie Estelle

Sophie Estelle is a 20 year old fashion design student from London who currently studies in Florence Italy. Fashion design is her passion but she loves to write, visit shows and discover new and exiting talent.









Alex Knott

Alex thinks Frigid Vinegar’s “How Cheap is Your Love” said it best with the line “you’ll always come 2nd to football and music”.

He is the co-creator of the £2 burger at the Royal Express kebab house in Tunbridge Wells and has been chased down the street on more than one occasion by a band who taking exception to him calling them crap. When he thinks nobody’s looking he likes to watch Upstairs, Downstairs.

His ambition is to write for the Daily Mail.

Follow him on Twitter @knottalex


James Reid graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford in 2008 after reading for a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. After spending the majority of his spare time performing, he left with a need to be involved in Theatre Land any which way possible. He is currently training on the 3 year BA programme at LAMDA, from which he will graduate in 2013. He is a happy addition to the Frost Magazine team.


Wendy Thomson is a student at the Central School of Speech and Drama in writing for the stage, film, TV and radio. Wendy’s the Editor of Female Arts, a website that promotes women in the performing arts and business. She’s a writer / performer in The Reading Berks Comedy Production Company Wendy is mum to baby Dillon …she’s also an accountant.


Blake ConnollyTV Writer

Blake watches far too much TV, plays too many videogames, listens to music too loud and doesn’t eat his greens. He is rapidly approaching 30, at which point he’ll really start to think about doing something productive with his life.

He also writes at his personal blog and tv blog.

Follow him on Twitter @blakeconnolly


Carl PackmanPolitical Columnist

Carl Packman is the greatest writer this side of paradise. He has written for the Guardian, the New Statesman, Tribune Magazine, and countless other titles written and read by broccoli tartlet wearing, sandal-munching, sour-faced bastards without a sense of racist humour.
at his own blog.Follow him on Twitter @carlraincoat




Ceri PhillipsColumnist

Ceri (pronounced: Care-ee) is an actor, writer and stand-up from Swansea, Wales. He plays “Ollie” in BBC3 sitcom Coming of Age. His sketch group, Le 122, will soon be the toast of choice at most cocktail parties! He has a very very hot girlfriend, (People walk past and say “Really?”) Ceri is 22.

Ceri’s IMDb Page


Owun Birkett may as well just declare Film as his religion! He lives and breathes from it but does he care it may be a bit too much? Not even the slightest! An aspiring filmmaker that has been influenced by many filmmakers over the years, his number one inspiring filmmakers are Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. Owun has worked with Frost Magazine editor, Catherine Balavage, in 2009 on Rebecca. He continues to pursue his goal to be a successful filmmaker and continue contributing his film critiques to Frost Magazine. Read Owun’s work here




Ian Hare is Frost’s sub editor and writer. After a stint getting in the way of stars at the BBC‚ Ian turned to business writing with a leading writing consultancy.

Ian has worked with the Customer Service and Executive teams at Sainsbury’s‚ rewritten copy for British Airways and Phones 4U‚ edited Lloyds TSB material for tone of voice and submitted pack ideas for the launch of Squeezy Marmite. He still can’t understand why the haiku that ended ‘gladden my sandwich’ wasn’t chosen.

He’s since become a qualified journalist and along with sub-editing a national, weekly publication, his written work has been published in a number of local and national magazines and newspapers‚ including the international, best -selling FourFourTwo and around the globe for Eurosport’s web service. Read Ian’s work here


James Yardley is Frost’s Finance and Political Editor James writes about politics, world issues, finance and news. James is a graduate of King’s College. You can read James’s work here







If you would like to write for Frost, email a CV and a covering letter to Writing is on a voluntary basis.