Dec 09

Londoners Life 49 – Overheard by Phil Ryan

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Christmas is nearly upon us. And I’m slowing my work schedule down to allow me to get some outstanding projects finished. But I’ve been around the town quite a bit and of course my antenna is now finely attuned. My overheard phone conversation line woman came as I walked past a doorway near the London School of Fashion. A very camp guy was heavily engrossed in a conversation and as I had just wandered past him I heard him say “She’s a liar Mindy an absolute liar I never said you were fat. The word I actually used was generously proportioned and sister you are!” Woohoo diplomacy! Anyway here we go for this week’s Overheard.
I was in a bookshop on Charing Cross Road and I was standing very close to a couch which had a very artistic looking couple sat on it. They were obviously from some kind of theatrical company judging by a technical discussion they were having. So I started to phase their conversation out when….
Artistic Girl: “But it’s the Second Genie I’m concerned about Todd he’s just not cutting it” Artistic Guy: “Really I thought he seemed to be blending in well” Artistic girl: “I wish. He’s a drinker I’m sure of it. He told two of the sultans slave girls to piss off and die on Wednesday and I heard he told one of those school children that if he could grant wishes he wished he wasn’t in this fucking crap panto. She told Jim at School liaison.” Artistic guy: “No he seems so nice. He gave me a hot chocolate and a back rub on that late night tech rehearsal. He’s got a great voice and he really shines doing the chase up the rope bits” Artistic girl: “Hm well I don’t know about that but he’s got mad eyes. The third genie reckons he hears voices and not nice ones. I have to make a decision on him by Friday as Sheila doesn’t want any hassle in the Xmas period. You know how she gets. Did you see how much Chablis she knocked back after that photo call?” Artistic guy ”Poor love she’s a martyr to her lower back” Artistic girl: “So what d’you reckon I should do? We have to have three fully function Genies with no bad attitudes asap otherwise it’ll just be terrible” Artistic guy: “I’ll have a word dear he’s coming round to my place tonight” Artistic girl “Oh……
Oh that Second Genie problem, it’s so typical!