Nov 18

Personalised Haynes Explains Manuals – fun gifts for Christmas from Oh My Gift

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Are your parts wearing out? Do you need an MOT? These fun guides recreate the appearance and technical style of Haynes vehicle maintenance books but with the vehicle being the human body in various stages of life.

Haynes iconic car maintenance guides have been modified to cover the challenges of being a pensioner, teenager, baby or married couple. How many times have we heard that babies etc don’t come with an instruction manual – well now they do. Follow at your peril. Every manual based on a strip down and rebuild – so now you know.

The Pensioner

Are you parts wearing out? Do you need some advice on rust prevention?  I particularly liked the Advantages of being a pensioner section. The Good News: You can live without sex. The Bad News: You can’t live without glasses. There is so much more to keep you reading and much to laugh at.

The Teenager

Not sure whether this is funnier for the teenager or for those who own one – probably both – but full of wise advice on what to say and what not to say to a teenager. Here’s how to understand and handle your teenager until the magic age of twenty and still be laughing at the end of it.

The Baby

For new parents or the perfect present for a baby shower to enlighten prospective owners of the latest model.

Subjects covered include Production and Delivery and Identifying Leaks. Surely something to calm the nerves when it’s most needed. Laughter can get you through most things – even sleepless nights.

The Married Couple

A great gift for weddings and anniversaries taking a wry look at maintaining your relationship and getting the best from your ‘vehicle’.

All written with tongue firmly in cheek these manuals are a humorous and quirky gift and certainly made me giggle in recognition.

They can be personalised with the name of your choice which appears on the cover and the top of each page. You can also include a personal dedication on the inside front page.

It’s a fun gift for Christmas but also for other milestone occasions.

Oh My Gift have a fabulous range of personalised products that are suitable for all the family and all occasions. Put your order in soon to beat the Christmas stampede.