May 18

Discover The Fine Cider Company

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Olivers Fine Cider

Olivers Fine Cider

It’s no surprise that the UK are the biggest consumers of cider in the whole World. We wanted to help you by whittling your search down in finding the best The UK have to offer. Introducing, The Fine Cider Company’s Fine Cider. Felix Nash the founder, together with his team set out to find the finest ciders in all the land and making the art of drinking our ‘native wine’ a refined experience by introducing new ways to drink it as well as pairing them with fine foods. The ciders are picked by Felix and are chosen based on exceptional quality and flavour profile. He wanted to make sure the ciders and perry which were picked matched well with fine foods to rival the competitive wine market. In the process Felix developed a close relationship with the cider produces and chose the finest of products from them. The very best bottles have been supplied to some of the city’s most prestigious restaurants including The Clove Club, Lyle’s and Fera at Claridges, as well as them selling through whole-sale on The Fine Cider Company website. So cider afficionados make sure to try some ciders which are a cut above the rest and find out more;