Oct 20

A Round-up of Well-being Ideas

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The season of mellow fruitfulness is upon us, a harsh winter could be on the way, and perhaps sore throats with it.


Throaty Soothe


Do you remember those miserable sore throats in your childhood days? I was given a honey and lemon drink which vaguely helped but Throaty Soothe sounds as though it will work better and in this time of watchfulness over the possible over-use of paracetamol, and ibuprofen especially for young children it’s interesting to note that both have been replaced by the traditional herbs – Icelandic Moss and Mallow.

Icelandic Moss and Mallow have identifiable modes of action and offer effective use. Calcium pantothenate also supports the soothing effect of Icelandic moss on the irritated mucous.  Throaty Soothe syrup, for use from 12 months, and Throaty Soothe Lozenges, for children aged four and older, offer a safe and effective treatment for a common and often troubling problem and should be recommended as a first-line treatment for infants over 12-months and children suffering from sore throat.

Throaty Soothe syrup contains zinc as well as Icelandic moss and mallow. Throaty Soothe lozenges contain Icelandic moss, calcium pantothenate and zinc.



Chemical-free cleaning:  with e-cloth and water

You might have noticed that there has been some concern expressed about chemical cleaners. Until relatively recently, consumers have been forced to choose between efficacy and efficient cleaning with chemicals, and the health of their family and the environment, but now there is a third way — thanks to the marvel of microfibre technology. One that only requires water and not a thousand different types of toxic chemical cleaners.

e-cloth products, which use microfibre technology, allows you to clean and sanitise almost every surface in your home with nothing more than water and a wipe. And though no chemicals are being used, this method still eliminates almost all bacteria, proving chemical-cleaning is no longer a must.

And e-cloth’s efficacy has been proved in a number of studies. Independent tests have been carried out by laboratories based in U.S.A, France and Brazil, with data reviewed by an American microbiologist who pioneered research into salmonella and other harmful bacteria, to confirm the highly efficient antibacterial action of e-cloths.

The e-cloth range is extensive and we list just a few:

e-cloth’s General Purpose Cloth removes thick grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard surfaces. RRP £4.99

It can be used with the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth to be used dry on a damp surface. RRP £4.99

e-cloth’s Deep Clean Mop and also the light Mini Mop with a smaller head (good to keep in the bathroom) RRP £19 / £14.99


Red Kooga Natural Energy Release

Chronic Tiredness is prevalent, apparently. Life is hectic, and with little time to eat properly coffee and sweet snacks are often downed to fill the energy gap. My husband calls them white van moments after he flagged down a white baker’s van in the wilds of Wales when he came over ‘all strange’ on a long walk, having missed his lunch. He bought bags of buns from the bewildered driver.

Maybe this is a better idea. Red Kooga Natural Energy Release combines top-quality natural ingredients, backed by research, to boost energy and wellbeing and ward off fatigue.

Reported benefits include anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity and anti-tumour effects. Red Panax Ginseng has potent antioxidant activities which may help to prevent oxidative-stress linked to many chronic diseases. Alongside this, there is some evidence to suggest that ginsenosides may have a role to play in the treatment of flu viruses. It is thought that these powerful compounds may be able to attach to viral proteins, rendering them less active. A recent murine study also found that Panax ginseng helped to reduce parameters of fatigue experienced with exercise