Dec 02

A dog’s (Christmas) dinner never tasted so good by Milly Adams

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Picture the scene, it’s Christmas Day, you’re tucking into a piled-high plate of Christmas dinner, and despite doe-eyes from your beloved dog, it’s not until your belly is full to popping point, that the princesses get their lunch. 

Please, please, feed me, seems to be the call. Even the Parson’s Nose would be nice.

But Rosie and Polly know that if they wait quietly and look at us with those eyes, they’ll get their Christmas treat of Edgard & Cooper’s new festive game recipe instead.

 And if we’re tardy, they’ll remind us:


The message being, ‘For goodness sake, put down the wine and get these open.’

So Rosie and Polly like nothing better than this gourmet meal which is suitably festive and gamey with brussel sprouts and bacon too – (not that we let on about the sprouts). Like all Edgard & Cooper dishes, it’s natural, nutritious and has absolutely no-nonsense.

Put off by the rendered animal parts and carcasses, artificial flavours and genetically modified nonsense that goes into some dog food, Edgard & Cooper decided to make its own proper stuff using real ingredients and fresh meat. Rosie and Polly love it. 

Edgard & Cooper’s wholesome dishes for dogs are all about tasty recipes, and fresh really does mean fresh. Named after the brand owners’ family dogs; Edgard and Cooper, the makers believe that every dog deserves to eat well – and especially on Christmas Day.

Rosie and Polly gave the dishes their seal of approval, anyway. But don’t whisper a word about the sprouts.


Available now until the end of December in a 100g small tray (RRP £1.09) and 400g can (RRP £2.29)