Dec 26

Somewhere. {Film Review}

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Somewhere is a film that goes, well, nowhere. This is not an insult. It’s a complement. It’s a beautiful film. It’s not a good or a bad film. It is a film that is entirely depending on taste. It’s a lot like Lost In Translation. Lonely people trying to connect with each other. There is no back story to Dorff’s character. What you know is that he is rich, famous, separated and has an 11 year old daughter. Everywhere he goes there are irate women he has loved and left.

Somewhere is a very European film. The scenes are long and left to play out. There is a lot ( too much) female nudity. The opening of the film is Stephen Dorff driving around a circular track. There is one work said in the first 15 minutes. It’s full of metaphors and melancholy. The ennui of over privilege. A movie actor in an empty existence of sex, parties and alcohol. Saved, intermittently, when his daughter comes to stay.

The tangents of Sofia Coppola’s previous films are here; daddy – daughter relationships, young girl’s trying to find their way, expensive hotels, bored rich people. It is a film of human relationships. A slow burner. The performances of Ellie Fanning and Stephen Dorff are pitch perfect. It’s definitely worth seeing,