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Jan 19

Natural Solutions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Your 7 Step Brain Protection Plan

I have read a few books by Dr Marilyn Glenville, and we also feature her articles on Frost sometimes. She is a woman who really knows her stuff. I greatly enjoy her writing and her new book Natural Solutions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Your 7 Step Brain Protection Plan is one of her best books …

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Jan 18

The Restory: To Be Fashion Thou Shalt Restore Not Replace

Our consumption of fashion is evolving. The throwaway days of ‘new season, new wardrobe’ seem to be numbered as we seek a more sustainable approach to all aspects of our lives, not just the fashionable ones. This evolution is fuelled for some by pragmatism, for others by altruism, but for the majority by a desire …

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Jan 16

The Ultimate Guide To Clearing Your Clutter

Last year I became quite obsessed with decluttering. In fact, thanks to Marie Kondo I think we all did. I have never liked being surrounded by a lot of stuff. I have always hated clutter. Which is why I am feeling rather proud. My husband and I have got rid of thousands of things. There …

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Jan 15

A Day in the Life of Kaira Rouda

My life has changed a lot over the past six years. Not only because I finally became a full-time author, but also because my nest has been emptying year by year. Our four kids are five years apart, so that’s made my life filled with a lot of goodbyes lately. Without daily kid duties, life …

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Jan 12

Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World By Reshma Saujani

Getting women into STEM is a passion of Frost Magazine. We need more girls who code and Reshma Saujani has founded the leading international movement to close the tech gender gap. By 2020 1.4 million jobs will be open in computing fields in the US alone, yet only about 30% of them will be filled with …

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Jan 11

Hape The Rainbow Route Railway and Station Set Review

So the every spoiled Frost toddler has yet again had his eyes light up. A train fanatic at the best of times, he spends hours building his train sets and playing with his trains. So this Hape The Rainbow Route Railway and Station Set was sure to be a hit, and, boy, was it so. It …

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Jan 10


By Peter Meyer, author of The Boy from the Wild Most of us dream about quitting the 9-5 (or is that the 8-7) rat race, but few ever do.  The author Peter Meyer is proof that following a dream can be more than just a daydream. He hung up his suit and left a highly-paid …

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Jan 09

Felicity Everett The People at Number 9 | Author Interviews

I loved your book. Where did the idea for The People at Number 9 come from? I’m glad you enjoyed The People At Number 9. The idea had probably been bubbling under for a long time before `i thought of a way to make it into an entertaining story. I’ve always been susceptible to ‘dangerous’ …

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