Jun 02

Smokers & Smoking: The Next Generation?

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When the ban on smoking in enclosed public places came into force in July 2007, England joined the rest of the UK in banishing smokers to wretched huddles outside offices, pubs and restaurants.

Tobacco advertising had already been prohibited in 2005 –thereby relegating the famous Hamlet cigar ads to YouTube, and now, six years later, the anti-smoking lobby is beginning to make noises about the clouds of smoke drifting around the forlorn groups gathered in doorways throughout Britain.

As the smokers’ world grows ever smaller, a Birmingham company believe they have the answer. E-Lites electronic cigarettes hope to revolutionise smoking and bring the smoker literally back in from the cold.

E-Lites say their cigarettes contain no burning paper, no tobacco, no tar and no cancer-causing carcinogens. Instead, the E-Lite contains a nicotine cartridge, coloured like an ordinary cigarette filter, an atomizer that heats water to give a smoke-like vapour and a rechargeable battery. And just to be on the safe side, the business end glows with a green LED to avoid any confusion with the real thing.

Puffing on their new E-Lite at their display kiosk in Euston, Sales Representative Dan Andrei said: “They’re cheaper than normal cigarettes – about 75% cheaper – and unrestricted, which means you get the freedom to smoke anywhere you want.

“There’s no smell and no smoke, so no passive smoking and they can be ordered online or bought from kiosks like this one.”

E-Lites launched their newest incarnation of their electronic cigarette, the G9, this week and are hoping for big things.

“We only launched two days ago,” said fellow Sales Representative, Reese Barnard. “Obviously, It’s all about getting people to try it. It’s something totally new and totally different so smokers need to try it before they decide to buy.

“The response has been pretty good so far.”

Since the 2011 Budget, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs an average of £7. In comparison, E-Lite nicotine cartridges last for roughly the equivalent of 12 cigarettes. With E-Lites retailing at £40 for 200 and refill cartridges at £8 for £80, smokers could make a considerable saving, both in their pocket and in their health.

With World No Tobacco Day just gone, the lively hubbub around their Euston stall on a Thursday lunchtime suggested E-Lites have enough going for them to garner initial interest. Whether the company has factored in, and can conquer, the ‘cool’ factor and peer pressure remains to be seen.

For more information, go to: www.e-lites.co.uk

  • and Canada~~~It is real good for people like, who wants to quit smoking but cant, nicotine control, and with so many electronic cigarette flavors, i can choose one of my own choice. if its with low price and good quality, it is worth a try.

  • Here in Australia, Queensland have already banned the use of Ecigs using the excuse that a child could get hold of the Nicotine. Just because they are obviously better for us doesnt mean that the Gov will support it. The taxman is gonna loose out big time. The main problem is that pharmacys and tobabco companys have a lot to loose should these become popular.