Mar 12

Faiza Seth: Businesswomen, Socialite and Charity Founder.

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Frost has interviewed the glamourous businesswomen, Socalite and Charity Founder Faiza Seth. She has worked in the city, set up charities and started her own business. Definitely an inspiration women. The charity she founded is called Soham for Kids.


Faiza founded the Soham for Kids School in Hyderabad, India in 2010 because she believes that educating the impoverished is a long-term solution to alleviating poverty. This strategy requires self-enabling individuals to permanently break the cycle of poverty and eventually provide for themselves and their families. Faiza developed the holistic concept of establishing this completely free school that not only delivers a well rounded education, but also provides food, clothing and healthcare to 100 children across four grades ranging from pre-school, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten to first grade. The charity aims to expand the school one grade each year. Soham for Kids is one of a few charitable schools in India that is non-denominational promoting a culture of acceptance and open-mindedness.

What can people do to help? People can donate or if they do have teaching experience, volunteer. There is always a need for clothes, blankets, books and toys, so people can donate these for the Soham for Kids students as well.

You used to work in the city, but now have your own business, was the transition scary? It is always scary to start your own business, because this has greater risk associated with it, and less job security. However, starting small and adding overheads slowly as business grows is a way to mitigate the risk.

Tell us about Casa Forma

Casa Forma Limited, a London-based architectural and interior design company specialising in creating bespoke luxury, turn-key properties. Casa Forma was founded in 2007 to develop properties in super prime locations of London and also offers its interior and architectural design services to third parties. Since inception, Casa Forma has successfully completed over 60 luxury residential and commercial projects in London as well as internationally. Our international practice provides a comprehensive interior design and architectural design service for residential, commercial and hospitality properties.

Our award-winning team of over 15 interiors designers, several of whom are qualified architects, can help you turn a space into a bespoke luxury living environment of impeccable quality by improving the functionality of a space thereby improving the value of a property both intrinsically and commercially. Casa Forma’s experienced team of interior designers and architects is led by world-class experts from the fields of decorative and structural design place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of their clients for a professional service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard. We are firm believers that the home is an extension of the homeowners’ personality, personal style, lifestyle, and tastes.

What is big in interior design right now?
Currently, art deco, handmade products, and Asian influenced decor seem to be the prevalent trends in interior design.

Do you think women can “have it all”? Women can have it all, but not at the same time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and women can only balance so much. Sometimes work, family, or other commitments take different priority at different stages in a woman’s life.

How do you relax? I relax by watching TV, watching movies, getting a massage, spending time in nature, and yoga. Also just spending time with my Yorkies Dopey and Fizz automatically makes me smile and relax.

What is the best piece of business advice you ever had? ‘Think different, think Smarter. Otherwise, if you’re trying to be like someone else, the best you’ll ever be is second best.’ which was given by my husband Pallak Seth.

What’s next for you? I want to expand Casa Forma into the hospitality and commercial sectors. I also want to expand Casa Forma geographically into the emerging markets. I want to increase the class size of Soham for Kids so I can help some more impoverished and underprivileged children.

Girlie question now; what is your favourite beauty product? I love MAC Smoulder eyeliner. The eyes are the most expressive and beautiful feature on ones face and I think eyeliner really is the one product that can impact your look most.