Dec 29

2013 Travel Trends

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Intelligent travel search and convenience key

In September 2012, Momondo introduced a new flight rating technology. Unique to the market, the system aimed to take travel search to the next level – the second generation of meta-search.


By combining several factors into a single rating system – to get past cheap, but longer flights, momondo’s new technology instantly spots the best flights available, saving consumers time and money, with every search.


Every flight is rated with a smiley and a score between 0 (bad) and 10 (good) to help the user find the flight with the best balance between price and flight duration.


From its introduction in September, momondo noticed their rating technology, with price/time scores and new user interfaces with ‘smileys’, also made a significant change in the way users interacted with travel meta-search information, and made their travel decisions.


In the process, momondo discovered two new travel trends, which will affect travel in 2013:


1. Meta-search sites will need to be intelligent

Over the last four months, momondo saw a 24% drop in refined travel searches, since it introduced the rating system – as it is now easier for momondo users to make the right decisions based on travel needs. This information told momondo that moving into 2013, more consumers are looking for ‘intelligent’ travel search sites, which help with their travel decision making – by turning raw flight data into actionable information.


2. Convenience factors key

Secondly, momondo has seen a change in consumer buying habits. momondo observed that over the course of 2012 people steadily have been spending more money on flights, which in turn confirms that the traveller’s focus on a whole, is not now on booking the cheapest ticket, moreover convenience factors – such as time, play an important role. Users will act as ‘smart-buyers’, that seek insight and want to compare several factors, before they purchase.