Dec 02

Circle of Revenge | Film Review

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Circle of Revenge started as a web series, and was so popular that it has now been made into a feature film. I went to the screening at The Electric on Portobello Road without seeing any of the web series. The film is a low budget British feature film. Shot on a Canon 60D (which is the same camera I am making my film Prose & Cons on) and a shotgun microphone, what the crew and cast lack in resources and money, they make up for in enthusiasm and talent.

A true depiction of urban life in South London, Circle of Revenge has a strong cast and a sleek, gritty, real-life feel to it. Circle of Revenge has all the makings of a cult classic.

Circle of Revenge The Movie is based in the urban jungle of London bringing what happens on the streets to the big screen. Revenge is a vicious circle that often involves violence, drugs, guns, gangs, the police and the disloyalty that they can generate. Many can relate to the situations in Circle of Revenge. Now their story will finally be told.

J. Valentine & D. Adams directed and also star in the film, a common theme in the film as producers Darren Baba and Katherine Evans, as well as the assistant to producers, Sue Henry, also have roles. This does not mean the roles have been filled in by non-actors though. The parts are played very well. Darren Baba in particular has a very good supporting role and is great in his role. Though it is not really fair to single a cast member out as everyone is great in their role.

Circle of Revenge is a very good British film by a talented production company who have something to say. Go see.

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