Jan 23

Sort Your Finances Out In 2013

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January is the month that people make resolutions and try to sort their lives out. So, in the true spirit of January why not take the time out to sort your finances? Here are three top tips if you are needing some financial help.

1. Sell Your stuff: Sell unwanted stuff that is cluttering your home on Ebay, Ebid, the Amazon Marketplace or the ASOS marketplace. People generally have a lot of clothes they never wear and books that they have read. You will feel immediately better. I have regular clear outs.

2. Try lower brands at the supermarket. In the past supermarket own brand goods were not very good but the quality has really improved in recent years. Pound stores are also incredibly popular now and their is no stigma attached in shopping in them. The cost of living does not have to be expensive.

3. If you really need to borrow money take out a safe and secure affordable loan from a legitimate regulated lender. Many people are currently borrowing money from pay day lender sites which have annual interest rates in the thousands of percent. You could be wasting a fortune. The same is true of credit cards which often charge very high levels of interest. This interest can compound as the debt increases turn into a nightmare. As long as you are smart, taking out a loan to pay for a new home, car or a big purchase is fine.

Disclaimer: Consult a qualified financial advisor first before you take any action. Everyone’s situation is different and taking out a loan may not be the right decision for you depending on your personal circumstances.

Clydesdale Bank’s instant decision loan offers an APR representative of 5.1% on all loans between £7,500 and £15,000 (subject to conditions). http://www.cbonline.co.uk/personal/loans/personal-loan

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