Mar 01

Innovative Films Raising Funds: Alpha

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A_poster_ENFrost Magazine is doing a long-running series on innovative movies which are raising funds or about to be released. We love film at Frost Magazine. In fact quite a few of us work in the film industry as actors, producers and writers. (Myself included. I have been an actor for years, and have also written scripts and started a film production company with Steve McAleavy. Our first full-length film, Prose & Cons is currently being edited) We want to support other filmmakers out there. Making films is hard and getting them seen is just as hard. We hope you like some of the films we showcase enough to invest in them and/or watch them. Thank you.


A is much more than a feature film, it is inspired by the ancient myth of Antigone and has a totally different approach to filmmaking as a whole.


A woman -Alpha- is forced to sit and watch her hanged brother rot in the middle of a burned forest, until the authorities decide that she has been punished enough. She will find the strength not only to rebel against this unjust order but also to confront her brother when they meet in the afterlife.

Alpha is a movie inspired by the ancient myth of Antigone and talks about what we are all witnessing and experiencing as consequences of the so-called “crisis”.

We are using an old story, not to reiterate the past, but to explain the present and take a glimpse of the future.

With this film, we want to make our voice heard not only as artists but as active citizens, and share how we are experiencing the “crisis”.

And not only do we want to, but we have to, because this is our duty as active participants in the society we are leaving in.


The way we cover our budget (196,000€) is as follows:

The main artistic team (Screenwriter, Director, Photographer, Production Designer, Composer, Actors) and the communication team, capitalise our work.

Our co-producers, Imagina Pictures, provide all the necessary editing and post-production equipment and facilities, for both image and sound.

Imagina Pictures also provides the camera and related shooting equipment.

All of the above constitute 40% of the budget (69,000€). To help fund Alpha go here.

What is left for us to cover :

The crew fees

The catering

Special equipment (steadicam, crane, hexacopter)

3D animation & visual effects

The above constitute another 40% of the budget (70,000€).

We cover this part with private sponsorships.

The remaining 20% (57,000€) is the Production Design cost.

This is an essential part of the movie because the aesthetics of the image need to be treated with great care.

This is the part we want to cover with crowd-funding.

This is the part in which you are actually contributing to the final look of the picture.

This is the part in which we are asking for your help.

We hope you will become our fellow traveler during this difficult but exciting journey.


Antigone is the daughter of King Oedipus.

King Creon, who is now the ruler of Thebes, demands that the body of her dead brother Polynices be left unburied and eaten by predators. Whoever does not comply with his orders, will face immediate execution. Antigone will defy this unjust order and bury her dead brother, thus losing her life, but coming to terms with her feelings and her inner sense of justice, regardless what the Authority says.

There is no need to point out the relevance of the myth of Antigone with the current political and socio-economic status quo. In this new world order governed by numbers and economic indicators, an invisible King Creon has not only invaded our lives, but is gaining power day by day. Few dream of taking an active stand against him, while most of us conform to his irrational and inhuman demands.