Mar 25

Why Bike Patrol Uniform Needs to be Reflective Clothing

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reflective clothing for cyclingEvery police officer whether riding on a bike, a horse, or perhaps in an automobile recognizes that being visible to oncoming motorist when you are performing a traffic stop could literally mean the difference between life and death for an officer from the law.

Police officers everywhere have prescribed standards that they’re necessary to follow concerning uniforms. Police officers must adhere to specifications not just about how a uniform should, but more about that they are created and what types of materials they are created from.

Bike Patrol Uniforms Require Different Standards Then Regular Police Uniforms

The fact that bike patrol uniforms officers spend all their time practical outside in the weather with very little more than a high visibility jacket and a police uniform together the street, weather, and also the suspects makes bike patrol uniforms and the way they are manufactured from the upmost importance.

What sort of Visibility Jacket Do Bike Patrol Officers Wear?

Usually when we think of a high visibility jacket we think from the visibility jacket that most folks wore as kids while riding our bikes round the neighborhood. However, a better high visibility jacket is a lot sturdier than our Moms regarded as being a visibility jacket, and bought at the area department store. The type of high visibility jacket that uniform bike patrol officers must wear is known as, “Class 3 high visibility clothing” although police officers aren’t necessary to wear the category 3 high visibility clothing constantly it is required while officers are directing traffic, while they’re investigating car wrecks, and when being employed as a uniform bike patrol specifically in high traffic or congested areas.

Bike Patrol Officers Uniforms and Regular Uniforms

The large difference in bike patrol uniforms and regular police uniforms may be the method that they are made. Taking into consideration that bike riding causes more deterioration of many places of clothing bike patrol officers uniforms are reinforced in certain areas to make sure strength when needed and luxury as well areas including the knees and crotch area wears faster when riding a bike day in and day out.

Another difference inside the bike patrol uniforms is the fact that they are outdoors in the actual elements most of the time. The bike patrol officer is a lot more more likely to get wet by sweat or rain so they really have to have a uniform that will keep them dry after they have to be kept dry, and will dry quickly after they don’t realize wet. Bike patrol uniforms are produced from fabrics which can be specially made to do just that.

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