Jun 11

The Long Riders Blu-Ray Review

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The Long Riders is a classic western from Walter Hill. It is now making it’s Blu-Ray debut thanks to Second Sight Films.

thelongridersThe Long Riders is a good film. It has good performances from actors that are now super famous, but were then young actors trying to make a mark. Their raw talent is there and fascinating to watch. These include real life movie siblings Dennis and Randy Quaid, Christopher and Nicholas Guest, and three Carradine’s; David, Keith and Robert. So it is very much a family affair.

The casting of real-life brothers in the film adds to the tale of the infamous Jesse James/Cole Younger gang. We may all know the story of Jessie James and Robert Ford but knowing the ending doesn’t stop you enjoying this film. The shoot outs are filled with excitement and the consequences come fast and hard. It is hard hitting and in it’s day it must have been violent and shocking as it still has power today.

This is an old movie and for those who like old movies it is certainly enjoyable. Although I think people who do not usually watch old movies will like it too. A well paced film with a cracking script and lots of action. It has beautiful cinematography and is a visual feast. I really loved the look of the movie. All the way down to the melancholic ending which comes after a brilliant shoot out scene and includes the infamous Northfield, Minnesota bank raid.  It is one of those great old westerns that they don’t make anymore.

The Long Riders is out now on Blu-Ray.