Sep 12

The Best Smartphones For Your Online Fun

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Mobile phones are so much more than just communicative devices these days. With Wi-FI available everywhere from cafés to high streets, not to mention the rise of 4G internet, more than ever we’re using these little gadgets to get online.


If you’re a little behind on the times when it comes to picking a smartphone, we’ve done our homework on the best smartphones for whatever your needs, from social media to online shopping and gaming.


Social media


Shameless selfie addicts and status updaters can doubtless choose a better smartphone than the HTC One for all their social media needs. The phone boasts some funky features for those who like to snap at every opportunity, including a camera with its own name – ‘Zoe.’ Dubbed as ‘ultrapixel’ thanks to its low light pixel performance, it’s great for capturing those special moments. What’s more, its Android interface helps to aggregate all your social media and news feeds into one place, so you’ll always have a finger on the pulse.




Today, more than ever, mobile gaming has increased in popularity thanks to more choice from sites like Uptown Aces. Improved graphics, faster loading times and better sound effects all make for some big demands on a smartphone, but luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is equipped to deal with all of these. The powerful Snapdragon 800 chip has 3GB RAM, giving gamers the opportunity to multi-task, while its 32GB of storage is ample for storing your precious hours of game play.


Video streaming


With apps like Netflix giving us access to our favourite movies and TV shows 24/7, the last thing today’s smartphone users want is a phone which is badly optimised for video streaming. Thankfully, the T-Mobile G2X is perfect for streaming, thanks to its sharp display and accessibility. The phone features a 4-inch LCD display, guaranteeing a cleaner image with more vivid colours, while it also gives users the chance to play videos on their TV through an HDMI connection.


Online shopping


With online retail sky rocketing in recent years, it’s only natural that today’s smartphones should offer more secure operating systems in order to make sure users are shopping safely. Generally, the iOS system for iPhones is regarded as securer than the Android due to the latter’s open platform. Malware threats are considerably lower for Apple systems, so you may be advised to purchase the iPhone 5S if you want the latest model – or wait a few weeks and get your hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 6.