Aug 31

Why Your Child Should Have a Double Bed

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So the time has come. We have to buy our little one a bed. An exciting but emotional time for any parent. But what bed to buy? There are a lot of beautiful childrens double beds and buying one for your child may seem like an extravagance, or a waste of space. Children are small so do they really need one? Well I sleep on a king size bed and I think if you have the space it is a great idea. Here is why…


I mean this in two ways. One: your child with have plenty of it and will probably sleep better. They can turn without falling over. My son has spent a lot of time in our king size bed, I don’t think a single would cut it. The other thing is: sleepovers! Yes the double bed may take up more space initially, but it means your child can share the bed with one of his friends or a cousin. No more having to buy futons or sleeping bags. Never mind storing these things. It is much better than getting them to snuggle down in the wardrobe.


Sometimes I feel like nothing grows faster than children. You blink and then they are half your size. Blink again and then they are taller than you. Yes, children grow at an alarming rate. It is better to head off growth spurts, and save all of that time researching and buying, when the piece of furniture will probably just be too small quickly and need replaced. Buying a double bed for your child means it will last, and it will save you money too. Win win. They can sleep in it until they are teenagers, and, hopefully, until it is time to move out. Cry.

All Grown-Up

Another good reason to get a child a double bed is because it will make them feel like a grown up. Yes, it is a luxury, but one that will pay off in spades. It is always a good idea to make a child feel like a mini adult. Another good idea is to get them involved with choosing the bed. Children love to feel involved and it is a grown-up purchase. Another possible benefit is that it might make them excited about going to bed in their brand new bed that they picked themselves.  Possibly a long shot, but we can live in hope.