Sep 17

Sorry I Can’t… I Have To Ride My Unicorn

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Cute and innocent, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of… let’s face it, we all love unicorns.  Just listen to Google, they’ll tell you that the search for ‘unicorn’ has grown significantly since over the past few years.

But this is no ordinary (ordinary?) unicorn…

The Unicorn
74cm x 46cm x15cm
Over 20,000 Swarovski crystals in 5 different shades
One of a kind. No. 3 in the Stevenson Brothers / Fernandes Collection.

In case you’re out of the loop, crystals are very much trending it right now.

Fernandes Exquisite Creations have teamed up with Stevenson Brothers (Kent) to create a limited-edition, bespoke collection of equines, two of which are the crystal zebra and the newly-added unicorn.

Fernandes Exquisite Creations always work with unexpected items and combinations, transforming the everyday into desirable luxury.

Stevenson Brothers are known for their elegant and beautifully crafted products, an aesthetic which Fernandes Exquisite Creations harmonise into their hand-crafted Swarovski crystal designs.

Currently, only one of each piece exists in the entire world.

Fernandes Exquisite Creations are also known for jazzing up objects, in particular with their crystal rocking horse.  This hand-built horse, made from 82,000 crystals, was a world first, valued around 100,000 euros.

The second in the series is the stunning new CRYSTAL ZEBRA which sparkles and shines from every angle. Over 80,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals cover this limited edition rocking zebra, which was created in partnership with Fernandes Exquisite Creations, and is set to turn heads wherever it goes.

This is only the second horse created by Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses together with Fernandes Exquisite Creations. The first piece created between these two companies, was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary showcasing the world’s most luxurious toys. CRYSTAL, who featured on the show and was also embellished with over 80,000 Swarovski crystals, was then sold and the beautiful CRYSTAL ZEBRA was then released for sale.

About Fernandes Exquisite Creations…

Fernandes Exquisite Creations was founded on the principles of quality and exclusivity.

Every member of their team works to produce unique, hand finished items, working expertly on every detail with each individual client or company to ensure everyone receives the very best in luxury they have come to expect from them. However big or small, every aspect of their work designed by you, or Fernandes Exquisite Creations, is produced with precision and care using the highest quality materials available.

Everything they create is 100% unique, whether you want a Swarovski crystal rocking horse or absolutely anything embellished in beautiful crystals – all bespoke and an exquisite creation.


About Stevenson Brothers…

Today, Stevenson Brothers are being commissioned to make an increasing number of bespoke rocking horses that look like a client’s real horse. They offer a unique bespoke rocking horse service where a favourite horse is reproduced in wood to last for generations.

They are often able to use real tail hair and can mount horse shoes on the base, using mostly home grown timber for all of their horses, including the bespoke models, with Oak and Chestnut supplied by Windsor Great Park Estates.

Contact Stevenson Brothers on 01233 820 363 or email sue@stevensonbros.com to find out more about their bespoke service.