Nov 18

Christmas Cocktail Ideas

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If you’re planning on staying in this weekend why not gather some friends round, take out your cocktail shaker and try our simple Christmas cocktail ideas inspired by cocktail classics.

Chocolat Luxe Gold

Made with: Baileys Chocolat Luxe
Inspired by: The White Russian
Perfect for: After Dinner.

We love this indulgent and silky dark chocolate version of Baileys

30ml Baileys Chocolat Luxe

70ml Hazelnut milk

Gold edible colouring and edible gold leaf

0.5 units per serve

Shake in a cocktail shaker and fine strain into the glass.

Finish by garnishing a simple sheet of edible gold leaf.

If you’re feeling fancy, pre-dip a raspberry in edible gold colouring to add an extra touch of glam.

Gordon’s Pink Spritz

Made with: Gordon’s Pink Gin
Inspired by: Wine Spritzer
Perfect for: Cocktail Reception

The Gordon Pink Gin has a natural sweetness from infused strawberries and raspberries.

50ml Gordon’s Pink Gin

50ml lemonade

25ml Prosecco

Garnish of cranberries and pomegranate

2.1 units per serve

Fill a prosecco glass with ice and add everything together

Garnish with pomegranate and cranberries.