Apr 18

Bad Things That WILL Happen When You Are Planning Your Wedding

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Credit: Vanessa Bailey


Weddings. There is a reason so many films and books are set during a wedding. They have it all: family, friends, stress, lots of money at stake. My husband and I got so stressed in the run up to our wedding that we both were not sleeping and felt ill. In fact, stress contributed to my husband being hospitalised on our wedding day! But I learned a lot and we ended up getting married and made it all the way to the reception. I took the experience and knowledge and put it all in my wedding planning book.

Weddings are hard work but like everything that is hard work, it tends to be worth it in the end. So here are some bad things that will happen when you are planning your wedding. Keep an eye out for them.


Your relationship with some of the people in your life will be changed forever.

This may seem like a big claim but people have egos. There relationship with you may be different from how you see it. Or you may love them just as much, but they don’t fit the role of being a maid of honour or a best man because they are not organised. Some people will take it personally if they are not in the wedding party. Family members will also have their own opinions when it comes to your wedding. If they do not get their way they may hold a grudge or even hold it over you. Kindly point out to these people that the wedding is about you and your partner committing to each other for life. Your wedding is about no one else so if they don’t like the fact you have not invited someone they wanted, or they are trying to bully you into a specific venue, it might be worth reminding them!


You will probably fall out completely with at least one person.

Unless you are having a big wedding there will be people you want to invite that you will not be able to. People who do not get invited, or are not invited into the wedding party, might not talk to you again. Ditto those difficult, self-obsessed people who think your wedding is about them. Or those people who just can’t be happy for you. If it is someone you can remove from your life holding the grudge and being bitchy, cut them out. If it is a family member, try to not let it get to you. Ignore them and don’t let them get to you.


There will be at least one person who makes it All About Them.

And there is a special place in hell for these selfish people. Either ignore them, tell them off or smile and nod when they are being demanding and rude.


It will be stressful.

But as long as you try and limit the damage as much as possible, that is okay. The logistics will be hard but it will all work out in the end. Every now and then take some time off and do something with your fiancé. And never forget why you getting married in the first place.


But the most important thing.

Is that you are married by the end of the day and have good memories. Ever notice that in Don’t Tell The Bride it pretty much always works out? That is because in the end you are just happy you pulled it off and that today is the first day of the rest of your life with your new husband/wife. That feeling cannot be beaten. After my husband and I married and we walked back down the aisle it was the most amazing feeling. Ditto walking into our wedding breakfast.


So good luck and don’t let the bastards get you down (because that is what they want).


If you are getting married then get your hands on a copy of The Wedding Survival Guide: How To Plan Your Big Day Without Losing Your Sanity. It has great advice on planning your perfect wedding. It is also available in Ebook format and is a great guide for wedding planning.