Jun 17

Bring some Zest to your Cocktail Cabinet with Pococello

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It’s going to be another glorious weekend and if you’re wondering how to liven up your cocktail cabinet, why not add some Pococello to the mix. This limited edition collaboration has been developed by world-renowned Chase Distillery and Pizza Pilgrims with the lemons grown in Amalfi and then distilled right here in the UK. But fear not, Pococello is almost not even comparable to Limoncello or ‘the finisher’ as I like to call it. The quality and clarity of this beverage comes directly from the carefully picked lemons picked which are used to make Pococello, packed with essential oils, this sets it apart from your average limoncello.

Pococello recommend;



35ml Pococello
10ml Fever Tree Tonic

How to make it?

Serve in a highball glass with lots of ice and a whole slice of lemon.

What’s more, Pococello is available Nationwide and if you wanted to indulge a little more in the sunshine, Pococello have created a Pococello Terrace over at popular Thameside restaurant Cantina del Ponte named Blossom City. Throughout the summer customers can purchase 2 for 1 Pococello cocktails and Poco-Tonics between 6-7pm. To find out more about Pococello and the Pococello Terrace check out;