Dec 21

Cocktail Ideas: Missy Flynn’s 2017 Round Up

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In our final instalment of Cocktail Ideas before the big day, we’ve got some inspiration from cocktail expert and mixologist Missy Flynn. This week the cocktails featured are a step away from being quintessentially Christmas but a round up of the biggest food and drink trends of 2017 in a glass. Inspired by foraging, veganism and superfoods, we simply love the colours and healthy element of these cocktails. We think they would be the perfect day-after partying tonic for you to refresh yourself and unwind as well as being utterly instagrammable so impress and wow your friends and family and serve up these delicious cocktail creations this week and if mixing up your cocktails is not for you fear not, All Bar One will be serving these very cocktails all the way until New Years Eve.

From Left to Right: Baileys Blush, Turmeric Sour, Beetroot Mule, Tanqueray Forager Smash

Our star cocktail this week is the;

Captain Morgan – Turmeric Sour


50ml Captain Morgan Spiced Gold
75ml Funkin Sour mix
15ml ginger syrup
1/4 bar spoon turmeric
Lemon twist and mint sprig to garnish

Glass: Rocks
Ice: Crushed

Add the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, sour mix, turmeric powder and ginger syrup to a shaker or jam jar.

Seal the shaker or jam jar and holding it closed, carefully ‘dry shake’ so that the sour mix begins to emulsify the drink, building a froth.

Open the shaker, add ice and then shake again.

Strain over ice into a tumbler. Using a zester, take the peel from a lemon and snap it over the drink to expel oil from the skin, resting the peel in the glass.

Clap the mint between your hands to release its aroma and then place inside the drink as garnish.

Bailey’s Blush


35ml Baileys Irish Cream
50ml Half and Half cream / milk
15ml Cherry Heering
12.5ml cherry syrup
Garnish with raspberry dipped in edible glitter / gold

Glass: Coupe
Ice: None

Add Baileys, Half and Half cream / milk, Cherry Heering, cherry syrup and ice into a cocktail shaker.
Shake hard!
Double strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass, use a tea strainer to remove any small shards of ice so the drink is nice and smooth.
Roll raspberry in edible glitter or gold until it reaches your desired level of glam, cut a slit in the base of the raspberry and rest it on the edge of the glass.

Tanqueray Forager Smash


50ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin
25ml lime juice
20ml sugar syrup
Mint leaves
Pea shoots
100ml soda
Garnish with pea shoots, viola flower and mint

Glass: Copa
Ice: Crushed

Fill a tall glass with lots of ice, add the Tanqueray London Dry Gin, lime juice and sugar syrup. Stir to mix, and top with soda water. Add a little more ice if needed. Gather all your herbs and flowers and toss into a rough mix, dress the drink with this mix, scattering a few extra flowers on the top.

All cocktails featured are available in All Bar One bar’s until New Years Eve and liquors and ingredients are available to purchase through ocado.com